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Great Piece.  Lowry's gone unsung for a while now.  He gets lost in the NBA pg discussion, but when you analyze his game, you find no weaknesses, whereas some of these superstar PGs have glaring weaknesses (e.g. shooting, defense). 

2 years, 5 months ago on Paroxysm At Gametime: Well, If Toronto's Backcourt Plays Like THAT…


I agree that the favorite is the southeast but my money would be on the southwest. They're basically the spurs on steroids.

2 years, 7 months ago on I Got 5 On It


Fun Times! I got your Pacific team taking the chip.


Atlantic - Rondo, Shump, Melo, KG, Tyson - Basically the same as yours but I think Shump is giving you some much needed size at that position.  Rondo isn't the shooter that Deron is, but let's go all in with Melo and defense.


Central - Kyrie, Tayshaun, Deng, Varejao, Hibbert - Blue Collar winners


Southeast - Lebron, Wade, Allen, Smith, Horford - Crazy versatile


Southwest - Parker, Manu, Dirk, Duncan, Marc - I know it's big. Make it work.....go zone or something.


Northwest - Rubio, Harden, Durant, Love, Ibaka - Balanced team


Pacific - Paul, Curry, Blake, Gasol, Howard - Or just the Laker starting 5?

2 years, 7 months ago on I Got 5 On It