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Count me as another UK fan tired of Joker's excuse making (don't forget, he was the recruiting coordinator under Pawpaw Brooks) and this team is entirely a reflection of him and his recruiting decisions (and failures inherent therein).  The number of players that he has brought into the program over the years who failed to remain in the program/produce is a tragedy, and something that a marginal football program can not afford if it is going to challenge its more stable/productive SEC brethren.  The administration needs to finally quit casing the SEC welfare checks they have been receiving over the year and Invest in the program, or the fans will not (as evidenced this year).  Football mediocrity is no longer acceptable, even as a bridge between basketball seasons.

2 years, 7 months ago on A Youthful Comparison: Tide Vs Cats (And Why This Writer Thinks Phillips Deserves Another Year)