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John, Mizzou  has seen the two best teams in the SEC East with BAMA on the way.  A&M has played Florida which some believe is the 3rd best team in the East, Arkansas, & Ol Miss.  Two different experiences.  A&M put 58 on Arky, & 30 on Ol Miss, so the defenses have not been an issue for them. 


As a Mizzou fan what I have observed as the difference between the Big12 & the SEC is that the SEC is a much more physical  & athletic conference on the line.  Your big guys need to have the ability to pass and run block.  Mizzou can't use injuries as an excuse for the 0-3 start.  The truth is that the team has not executed well on the basic fundamentals this year.  Hopefully they will be corrected, or we will continue to get pounded.  

2 years, 6 months ago on What Mizzou And A&M Are Learning Out About The SEC


Fitz Hill's book "Crackback" explains the UK situation.

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