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Almost sounds like a "Bob Knight" story, with the exception that Knight ran his program at Indiana in a clean, honest way.  His negitive side however showed others what getting under his skin was like, whether you were a player, fan, student,  alumni or the press. If you could put up with many of Knight's attics, the positive side were the results on the basketball floor.

2 years, 7 months ago on Louisville Writer Breaks Down The Power Of Petrino; We Tell You Why He’ll Be Back In The Big Leagues Next Season


Recruit, recruit, recruit...something Joker obviously has had no success with.  That is why he continues to whine about playing younger people.  He and his staff haven't recruited like they should and he's had to settle for 2-3 star recruits, while Saban gets 4-5's.  Alabama may start fewer freshmen/sophomores, but they play many of them, whether they "start" or not. Bama' has 4-5 star athletes playing along side the younger ones, while UK has to play 2-3's (with an occasional 4) with the younger players.  Both schools in lots of ways have the same opportunities, but Joker has failed to capitalize on his opportunities.

2 years, 7 months ago on A Youthful Comparison: Tide Vs Cats (And Why This Writer Thinks Phillips Deserves Another Year)


Don't give me that "we have 72 sophomores and freshmen on the roster crap.  Alabama does too and many of them are playing.  The difference is in recruiting.  UK's young players are mostly 2-3 star athletes, while Alabama's are 4-5 star athletes; big difference.

2 years, 7 months ago on Fans And Money May Force UK's Barnhart To Oust Phillips