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Samsung is targeting a demographic that tends to move with trends, hence the term 'iSheep' that is so popular. Making a competing product feel uncool is actually enough to entice many iPhone users, of course, there's tens of millions so a fair few that don't fit into this category are going to feel alienated, but then, the advert also shows the practical advantages of the latest technical innovations and so, if neither this nor an attempt to shift trends appeal by now (the S3 was also an opportune chance to go Samsung) then you're probably a lost cause for the firm's devices until the next big innovation that causes devices to have much greater differentiation appears.


As a Samsung user, or a user of any other device in fact, I do feel shame when I see direct targeting of the competition, on the other hand, I know the kind of demographic the firm is up against and it takes more than just a better device to win over customers (the gap is still too small), likewise, I'd be very stupid to let advertisement campaign angles affect which device I buy for myself.

1 year, 11 months ago on Samsung aims a dig at Apple (again) with its Galaxy S4 ad [video]


Got a figure that shows the trend before 2013? It's pretty uncredited without one.

1 year, 11 months ago on U.S iPhone owners to outnumber Android owners by 2016


I wouldn't liken the S4 to the iPhone 4S upgrade, the difference is bigger, both in specs and the physical appearance has actually changed, if not subtly, it's thinner, less wide, lighter, yet has a bigger screen and battery. That's actually a fairly impressive feat, whilst the iPhone 4S was close to a carbon copy of the 4 in this respect.


It appears as though the PenTile screen and its accuracy has improved, Samsung is using a new sub-pixel layout much closer to the Bayer filter on a camera. There's less black space and the distribution/pattern is less obvious. Being Bayer-like in nature, one would expect better colour balance.


Early reviews are suggesting that low-light performance has improved on the S4 camera, which doesn't mean the firm has done anything major but at the very least is likely using a larger sensor to compensate for the move to 13-megapixels.


Android's direction is confusing me of late, though I suspect the Android 5.0 release will place everything back on track and show us where the OS is heading, but Samsung has done a good job of optimising what it has and providing a friendly, responsive and easy to use UI, if not with a few too many gimmicks (though I must admit, features such as vibrating when picked-up if there's a message I do actively use to good effect).


I'm most interested in changes to the battery life and to see how this works out across the two CPU configurations.


Samsung's on a roll right now, but if you want to know the firm's weakness, it's that it's a component supplier and is going to shy away from third part tech like E-INK, Lightray Cameras etc, Apple as a design firm would be smart to capitalise on this.

2 years ago on My thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S4 [Editorial]


Ah the new Samsung Galaxy Optimus?

2 years, 1 month ago on LG Announces 5.5" Optimus G Pro (Again), Curved Glass And All


I began with an iPhone 3GS, loved it, the iPhone 4 however... not so much. They enhanced the resolution but it was wasted on a display of that size, graphically it actually ran slower trying to push the extra pixels. To hold it was uncomfortable and yet friction there be not, it was as slippy as a bar of soap. Poor signal and so on.


Niggles are fixed in the iPhone 5, however I think the metal back is just plain ugly (may solve the slipping at least). Yes it's thinner, but it needed to be just for a comfortable hold. Going widescreen completely goes against Apple's own design principles when Steve Jobs was around and, why go widescreen? I can only think for videos... then what the heck was Apple thinking with a screen resolution of 640 x 1,136? How's that going to give 1:1 high-quality playback?


My biggest qualm with the present-day iPhone is, however, the OS. Back when the 3GS was a baby, iOS was simple to pick-up and use, meanwhile Android had a greater learning curve. Now I'm finding that although Android's menus and app screen at first took some learning, the design has scaled and coped much better with the ever increasing feature-set and complexity, meanwhile I can no-longer simply just pick-up iOS and use it the way I want, as more features are added, it feels cluttered, with too many inconsistent drill-downs in settings etc. To top this off in iOS 6, Google is gone, no YouTube by default, maps, sure, has a nice navigation experience but has lost a lot of functionality everywhere else.


Since my 3GS, naturally I moved to Android and ultimately I'm onto the Galaxy S III. Despite its size, it's comfortable to hold (the same can't be said for HTC's One X). The way the glass is curved around the edges adds an amazing feel and makes scrolling a pleasure. Yes, the back's plastic, but if you ever took the cover off, you'd find that it's just that, a cover. It offers nothing for the structure and the insides are rather sleek, advantages are you can get a new back if you've marked it, or even a custom back or cover without adding weight to the unit.


Despite its size and huge 2,100mAh battery (which gives me a solid 4 days+ without wifi - 3g only), it weighs little more than the latest and sleekest iPhone with a much smaller display and it's then that you understand why the device is made of plastic.


The software, Samsung added features are handy, the phone vibrates if you pick it up and have a notification, hold to your ear to call if some's name's on the screen etc. Android 4.0 is easy to use and full of powerful features. I'll grant that even 4.0 isn't as smooth as iOS when it comes to navigation, however, I've been tinkering with the latest Android 4.1 beta due out next month and I must say, unequivocally, Android has topped iOS and I'm surprised but I'm using the new Google Now feature an awful lot, whereas both Siri and S Voice I've left well alone.


I just can't understand any hardcore arguments for any significant iPhone 5 superiority. The Galaxy S III may be made out of plastic, but this enables a system that just works and flows and actually, the phone itself is very pleasant to hold and use. For the first time with iPhone, it feels like Apple's just banging together expensive components and simply hoping that they'll work as a whole, I don't feel a design ethic as strong as with the 3GS or even the 4.

2 years, 6 months ago on Scoble on iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy SIII: “Like a big plastic toy compared to a fine Swiss watch”