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What I've yet to see is a video or review of what people look like when wearing/using google glass.

From my brief encounter with them at Google io last summer, glass users give off a subtle 'avoid' signal that my monkey brain caught and took some conscious quelling before I could go near them.

Near as I can tell, it is a combination of 3 problems:

1) the sense that 'they aren't all there' - rather like dealing with a VC who is thinking of lunch/golf/parties rather than your pitch - their lack of proper eye contact tells you that they aren't focussed on you.

2) the glass screws up their depth perception, so they move oddly carefully and struggle to navigate crowds. 

3) the glass gives them a lopsided view of the world, you'll notice in all the pics of users , they have their head to one side, reminding me of a thrush that's about to break into a snail on a rock.

These can all be overcome or designed out, but it's gonna take some clever psychology and marketing to get it down to an acceptable level.

2 years ago on No, Google Glass is not a Segway for your face


@IanB86 Paul's a Brit. We swear. A lot. Think of it as an accent.

2 years, 5 months ago on Gogo Triples the Cost of In-Flight Wifi, Doesn’t Bother To Tell Airlines, Customers