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Okay look. I like Matt Smith. Really. I like Eleven. But also... the reasoning behind the new regeneration was weak at best. The "return of the Time Lords" was fruitless. Nothing really changed. Except for the Doctor's face. And another thing: am I the only person who thought Matt's final scene seemed a little over-acted to the point where Matt seemed drunk? Because parts of it bugged me. The episode was simply sub-par.

11 months ago on An Opinion Divided: The Time of the Doctor


I would have added more Jane Austen: Sense & Sensibility, Emma, and I probably would have used Knightley's P&P; A Tale of Two Cities--sure, I saw the musical and enjoyed that live performance better, but the old black&white is still great; Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera, to be sure, would make my list (I don't have a Christine/Raoul figurine for nothing--yes, I got one for my birthday when I was 16 and it plays "Think of Me" so just call me a nerd already); and Jane Eyre--the Masterpiece Theater production made me go and get the 466 page book from the library 3 days ago and already I am at page 300. 

2 years, 7 months ago on Top 100 Movies Based On Books