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We are doing the hard work now - it is fascinating, complex, like a walk in the woods where the patterns in the measured network become alive very quickly.


Big data across organizations will start to fold in with one another as we learn to game our APIs and key insights. This is the year of collective intelligence, and we are moving quickly toward collective insight.


 @maddiegrant Let's do a longer article on collaborative measurement of outcomes across developments and sectors - I see some exciting growth and potential in this field and we'd love your help mapping the terrain.

2 years, 3 months ago on What do you measure?


Communities create the opportunities from within - foundations & business empower the vision already latent in the neighborhood. There's a few who want a healthy grocery co-op and need seed to grow it - that's a reasonable way to keep talent close. I see arts & production companies constrained in LA or under-supported in the Bay area that could flourish in helping to recreate Las Vegas. Tony asked me for ideas and I sent him to look at AS220 in Providence, RI. Thriving creative culture needs space, freedom, open opportunities and Downtown Project has the potential to be an incubation chamber of sorts, attracting a vibrant mix of talent to consider Las Vegas as a home. So many of us are nomadic or frequent travelers -- picture the comfort that comes in having a safe nest for innovation in the desert. There's an opportunity to create a global center for people coming together, sharing their best ideas and interacting in new ways that will blow their mind. I'm interested to see how Downtown Project will empower the producers and creative visionaries to build out and become the pulse of the new downtown. There's so much potential for international town halls & diplomacy, deliberation & consensus-building, playful guilds in the streets, interactivity & immersion in new experiences that have the potential to quickly shift our collective perspective.

2 years, 7 months ago on Delivering Reality: To Succeed, Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project Can’t Please Everybody