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Sue and Amanda,

Thanks so much for reaching out. I've been learning a lot lately (understatement for the times, right?) and it keeps getting back to this... the WHO in You is not what you do. It's the perspective and signature you do it with. As Dylan said "I'm being me, whoever that is." So the biggest tip in Voice is to BE. To not question but allow, to not allow but  unleash, to not unleash but give permission with discretion to exist, to explore, to pursue and express. I've been spending a lot of time with Liz Strauss lately (it's been worth a million books and two lifetimes) and it has simply been how she honors her own thinking set to words as a pioneer that makes me think we all journey, we all question, and it is the few who genuinely express and develop. I know this is far a field from "brand strategy and content strategy"  but it is the identifying, honoring and honing a core that unfolds the rest of all of it. And then we set about doing it, saying it and framing it so others can become part of it.

2 years, 7 months ago on Top 10 Content Strategy Tips from Lennie Rose


As an X and current offender of blog bloopers I hear the ire and defense of words well chosen and well written and think possibly there should be some ground rules for creative license (unless that was just an oxymoron ). 


Rule 1 – MINUS -Stupid and brilliant don’t go together.  Dumb mistakes happen but they diminish the brilliance causing the reader to consider the goof instead of the essence.  Score 1 for detracting.


Rule 1 – PLUS - The reader may think even the most brilliant among us do not value perfection over the relentless bravery of expression. Score 1 for the world being better off for having read flawed copy over not experiencing it at all.


Rule 2 – MINUS - Consistent blunders tarnish brands and insult intelligence. There’s a certain rudeness in disregard.  Period.  Unless you’re David Sedaris or "me likey" Tommy Boy - who have taken the license  to create an entirely new sub-language. 


Rule 3 – Do your best. Really. Or hire a damn editor. If you don’t value your own work or the work you do for your clients enough to proof it, why do it badly? Thank you Catherine for the reminder!


2 years, 7 months ago on Didn’t Get the Gig? Maybe It’s ‘Cause Ur Illiterate