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I will preface this by saying my opinion is biased because i am a Carolina fan.


i do not think this suspension is warranted. In the previous article you stated the suspension of the Mississippi player was given because he used the crown of his helmet. If you look closely at the Swearinger replay, he did not hit the receiver with the crown but rather with the side of his helmet as he attempted to hit the receiver with his right shoulder pad. Look at the way his body turns after the hit, If his intent was to lead straight helmet first, his body would not have turned sideways, it would have followed through directly through the receiver. He put his forced behind his right shoulder which is why his body turns shoulder first even after that area made most of the contact.


While the hit was high, also notice that the ball was being caught high directly in front of the receiver's head. Swearinger's initial contact was his right shoulder pad on the ball. How do you suspend a player for going full force into the point of the reception. 


It was a bad hit and deserved a penalty, but suspensions should be based on intent. In my opinion, the intent was to hit shoulder first and was to make contact with both the ball and the player. 

2 years, 7 months ago on SEC Suspends USC's Swearinger For Nasty Hit; Conspiracy Theorists Need To Hush