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They need Leonard to attack the basket more.  He needs to go up and dunk on Ibaka like in game 3.

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@NoTweet14 @Txfrack  Yea but would you rather have Belinili or one of the other guards on him?  Im just saying to have someone with comparable size and can stay with him.  He just shoots over everybody without a hand in his face.  Diaw or Bonner don't have the quickness.

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If he turns out to be a really good defender they could have leonard at the 4 and green and young at 2and 3 in small ball.

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@ajd21 On talent alone, Pau and Dwight are better than Memphis' bigs, but Zbo and Gasol have been playing together for a while now.  I think they will make some adjustments and some of their guys will hit some shots.  I will not underestimate the Grizzlies even after game 1.

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Of course the Spurs have offense.  But where does the offense come from?  Most of it is pick and roll and kick out.  I think they need some inside scoring.  TD is not enough anymore and neither is TP driving into the lane.  Inside scoring has a higher % than perimeter scoring.  They need to be able to score inside, outside, and in between especially in the post season when the playoffs slow down and they face better defenses with more time to prepare.

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I think since they had a hard time trying to trade Blair, they're going to find another SF to replace Stephen Jackson since he has an expiring contract and use it to make a Blair trade.  I would of just taken a chance with Blatche and kept this team intact.

2 years, 3 months ago on Report: Josh Howard to visit with Spurs