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Asus & dysfunctional seem to be made for each other. Many of the transformer primes in the early runs of production, including mine, have been over run with firmware and software problems and defects. From the GPS/WiFi screwups, touchscreen display issues, constantly crashing web browser, unit restarting on its own and many other issues, the tablet is a nightmare. The only answer and solution offered by Asus is to send it in for servicing. Unfortunately, the service departments seem as inept as the manufacturing facilities. I have sent my tablet in for service twice getting either no improvement or new problems. Asus says it offers great customer care. That may apply before purchase, but definately not after. Customer Service reps refuse to tranfer calls to managers or provide basic contact information. Researching on my own, I obtained the email addresses for both the chairman and CEO of the company. Sent them both an email last week and have not recieved as much as a form letter from a secretary or even a janitor. If anyone questions these problems, check out most computer forums or the Asus facebook page.

2 years, 7 months ago on Problems With ASUS Transformer Prime Bootloader Unlock Tool