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Some people honestly believe that the only true smartphone is the iPhone because it has apps and all these cool stuff that they can do.  Many think "Droid" is a dummy wanna be phone.  Can't really blame them up until S3 and Nexus 7 Google or its Android OEM's did not properly advertise its products.  As much as i hate Apple i have to give their marketing people mad props for creating their public media.


Samsung how about you run Ads that shows what S3 can do instead of all these extra features that many do not know.  Not a lot know what NFC, S-beam, Palm swipe capture, palm touch mute pause etc. mean.  Look at iPhone commercials "it can take a photo, it can take voice commands, it can browse internet, you can browse your bank etc..".  People can relate to that and buy a phone they KNOW that will work for them.  Believe me thats all Apple CAN DO, because they lack several features that ICS and Jelly bean have.  Use your commercials to compare iPhone and S3: Widgets, voice actions(i prefer you show voice actions vs S-beam), live wallpaper, customizable home screen, face unlock etc....


I am not even a marketing major.  and it doesn't take a Genius!

2 years, 6 months ago on Samsung Fires First Shot In Galaxy S III, iPhone 5 Smartphone War


Acer, you cannot hold the cookie and also eat it.  Either you are a member of OHA and get OHA support or you release a non-OHA OS and not get support.  That is the purpose of OHA, to produce OS that is COMPATIBLE.  You can try to venture towards this mini project(stunt) of yours but you know its not going to workout.

2 years, 6 months ago on Andy Rubin Releases Second Statement Regarding Acer's Aliyun Platform