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 @TheOneandOnlyAnonymouse  You were till now kept in dark and even after reading this post you want your IQs back? Did you had any? 

2 years, 7 months ago on Samsung Fires First Shot In Galaxy S III, iPhone 5 Smartphone War


My dear fandroids & Apple Fanboys. I was actually sleeping early in the morning but suddenly this kind of updated banged in my mobile and I started reading …ok ok ..Good..ummm bad..OK ok my facial expressions was like “What Samsung is doing? They are going nuts and loosing their temper or what? Then I recalled ohh I see freshly wounded Samsung is trying hard to get over apple regarding the lawsuit thing..

==================== Disclaimer: I am not writing this post to hurt any S3 user or iPhone user. I am not doing this debate thing that is going on here.

I just need to clarify something about this War going on and the points I noted –

1. Android users are more concerned with hardware and they are less concerned with features coupled with functionality where as apple are more concerned with what they are using and how they are using and not so much with hardware

2. NFC not being in iPhone 5 – The reason being the cover of the phone aluminium case will prevent such transmission.

3. iPhone 5 has 3D maps does S3 has that too, S3 owners please confirm that.

4. Apple had the courage to drop Adobe(Flash) & Google (I am talking of maps) and adore completely two different technology that is currenlty turning into a trend in the history – HTML5 & 3D Maps. All mobile manufacturers are certainly following that. Even Google confirmed they are not going to show flash content in Jellybean. See right google is following there and is moving into that HTML5 thing. Also Google bought Sketch Up 3D, the maps in 3D just to stay competitive in the market in Maps as it is one of Google’s major products

5. Siri & SVoice – This two are very very similar apps but when it comes to being fast & quick I have seen Siri answers are more probably FAST & CORRECT as compared to SVoice. A simple example when I am asking Siri about Michael Jackson it is Quickly giving me the CORRECT answer but SVoice SLOWLY gives me the CORRECT answer. Another example when I asked SIRI “Which is the most Dangerous Airport in the world?” Siri was FAST enough & gave me the CORRECT answer whereas SVoice was FAST but gave me the wrong answer.

6. I also found that apple for ages is having it’s own phone and it’s own OS. It was same in case of PC tablets as well. I can’t find any reason why a company like Samsung, HTC, Motorola cannot built their own os. Why borrow from Google? Same goes with Nokia, they certainly had their own OS but I dodn’t find any reason they dropped (or is dropping) their current OS and is releasing Windows OS. Good I am not complaining at that. But my question to Samsung HTC Motorola is “Why don’t these companies this BIG is incapable of building their own OS?

7. Apple is now world’s Most valuable company in the world whose valuation reached $621.64 billion 20th August Monday morning, making it the most valuable company in history. The company’s stock reached an all-time high of $664.65 per share early Monday afternoon, following strong sales projections for its as-yet-unannounced next-generation iPhone device, the iPhone 5. No doubt that it is has crossed the COMBINED assets of Google, Microsoft, Facebook. Trust me from here –

8. Only one good point I found on Samsung part is that sold more million units as compared to Apple iPhones. The whole world is going to watch now whether iPhone 5 sales goes high or stays low.

9. I found Apple never posted pictures or videos or things like this bringing to the public look how we are better than Samsung or HTC or Nokia or any smartphone manufacturer. Punch me in the face if I am wrong. Show me any such ads where Apple showed that look how we are better compared to them. I remember this saying goes head to head with Apple — When somebody tries to pull you down to their level, it certainly confirms that you are above them.

10. I agree apple products are overpriced as compared to other mobile or PC devices. You can’t blame them for that. They way they are building technology, innovations is taking a huge effort, time, latest technology. If they choose to use cheap devices to built apple gadgets it is way way obvious that that would result in making CHEAP devices. So? What is stopping you? If you can afford it DON’t buy it. PERIOD. I find that you are only complaining when you are eager to buy it but cannot do it for the price “Then you start complaining”. Remember the old story Grapes are sour.

Personal feeling towards Apple & Samsung & HTC: The above content I know is in favor of Apple and not any other devices. I have used all the devices -> 4S, S3, 1X. But you at the end of the day I feel yes using an iPhone 4S is an experience of a life time. Just for a note I actually clapped and felt good when my colleague bought an iPhone 4S after used it and I don’t know why I didn’t feel a single thing when my other colleagues bought S3 and the other bought One X. It is a feel good thing in the hands when you are using Apple iPhone but not so much so that in case of S3 or One X or may be anyone. Trust me I am NOT an apple user I use Nokia C6.

2 years, 7 months ago on Samsung Fires First Shot In Galaxy S III, iPhone 5 Smartphone War