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Then I was correct! it's Lovie's fault as I've said before. I think the jurie's in and we have a pretender. We had all this hope at the beginning of the season and it's turned out to be another let down. LOVIE SMITH HAS GOT TO BE REPLACED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 years, 2 months ago on Game Recap: Bears Fall In Overtime 23-17 To Seahawks


Who runs the Bears defense? Lovie or Marinlli? Has either one ever heard of putting a spy on a QB that is running over one of the supposed best defenses in the NFL. I really hate to even think this but, I'm hoping they miss the playoffs. If they make it that far they will lose in the 1st round. My hope is that someone in the front office will finally realize that this coaching staff cannot win the games they need to. They've replaced almost everyone on the staff  but Lovie. What's that tell you? How many times must the fans watch this team lose a game against a team that they should beat. How many times are we going to watch Bennet drop a sure touchdown before we look for someone that can actually catch a ball. Sure he caught a ball and turned it into a touchdown but the pass he missed would have put pressure on the Seahawks and I believe turned a loss into a win. Has anyone seen our tightend? Do we even have one? Maybe if we did have one that could catch the Bears would be a better team. How much money do the tightends make anyway? Maybe if we renegotiate their contracts they'd catch the ball. The 4th down play was all on the offensive line that I thought was looking pretty good before that. They should have at least tried to draw the Seahawks offsides before even running a play that should have been a pass. I love this team and I get more than a little pissed off when I watch them lose because of stupid play calling and lack of effort. I'm outa here. Bears forever.

2 years, 3 months ago on Game Recap: Bears Fall In Overtime 23-17 To Seahawks


The most offensive thing about this Bears team is the offensive line! For Lovie's entire tenure as coach of the Chicago Bears he has not beaten a team with a winning record except for his first year as head coach and has forgotten that a team must score points in order to win games. His reliance on the defense to save an inept offense was put to the test monday night and exposed as faulty logic and bad game planning. He has no control over the offense and the front office and ownership of this team does nothing to improve the offense. Cutler has never been better than a 49% passer even when he had a good offensive line in Denver. When the front office has a chance to get a quality offensive coordinator they elevate Tice to the job. It is time for big changes in Chicago. The entire coaching staff needs to go with the exception of Marinelli. The defense is getting to old to play at the level needed to win a super bowl even next year and with this offense there isn't a chance in hell. The offensive line needs to be completely replaced. I believe Sweetness would have had more yards if not for a terrible offensive line and I see the same fate for Forte. The main reason I see for the removal of Lovie Smith is the first promise he made when becoming coach and only done one time. He said , and I quote, WE WILL BEAT THE GREEN BAY PACKERS. Promise broken Lovie has to go.!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 years, 3 months ago on Five Players to Watch: Week 12


Nothing has changed. The biggest problem was, is and continues to be the offensive line. If I were Jake I'd be getting in faces too. He's been on his back over 100 times since he came here. When will the front office realize they need to address this issue before Cutler is either dead or to old to be affective. They can't run block and pass pertection is and has been a joke and we didn't ever try to get a real offensive coordinator. Mike Tice wasn't a good offensive line coach so what does the front office do? they make him the coordinator! give me a break. Lovie's not a good coach and everyone but Marinelli needs to be replaced, coach if I spelled your name wrong I'm sorry. I've been a Bears fan ever since I knew what a football was and seen some of the best players come thru Chicago without winning a super bowl. Please give us the team ever Bear fan and player deserves.  

2 years, 5 months ago on Bear Breakdown: The Game Plan Must Improve In Order To Bounce Back