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Nice Blog post Marty.


It should be noted that blasphemy is not only a victimless crime, it is a fundamental Human Right. Without the freedom to blaspheme, the rights to Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of (& from) Religion and Freedom of Expression all get whittled away to such extremes that they become close to meaningless.


Ignoring the atheist perspective it is often impossible for adherents of any religion to promote their own view point without blaspheming others. A Muslim automatically blasphemes Christianity by denying the divinity of Christ. A Christian automatically blasphemes Islam by asserting the divinity of Christ. Many Catholic ideas are blasphemous to many Protestant denominations, vice-versa, and many Orthodox ideas are blasphemous to both. In Islam we have similar divides. Should Aisha or Ali be celebrated or vilified? You will get a pair of very different answers depending on if you ask a Sunni or a Shia.


All this is only looking at the issue of blasphemy from the view point of the dominant trends of the two largest religions. Do we also include criticism of Guru Nanak in our blasphemy laws? I have no idea by what criteria I could unwittingly blaspheme Zoroaster! Should the British high court be charged with blasphemy because it ruled in 1988 that Scientology is a cult?


Blasphemy has to be a fundamental human right because it not being so can only lead to chaos or tyranny. Give religions exactly the same legal protections from criticism, mockery and ridicule that are given to political parties. After all, both religions and political parties are nothing more than a collection of ideas and the people who subscribe to them.

2 years, 6 months ago on Anti Blasphemy Laws – Pakistan, Greece and Australia


Can't fault the rhetoric. It is convincing and powerful. Sad though that their are so many humans for whom rhetoric wins over facts and reason. For anyone with critical thinking skills or a basic grounding in the scientific method, I agree though, this is real "head explodes from hyper-pressure of cognitive dissonance" stuff!


I especially like the claim that it is Creationists who like to teach children "How to think, not what to think". Wow! I guess the Christians were right about Hypatia, Galileo and Bruno. Let's burn the works of Asimov and Sagan!

2 years, 7 months ago on Bill Nye vs Those Who DeNye – A Discussion