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One unmentioned aspect of sulia's strategy is that they pay for content. Sulia identifies top contributors in each interest category and then contacts those contributors to arrange a pay-for-post agreement. Those contributors then go to sulia to post some percentage of their twitter posts, and sulia posts those as shortened tweets with a link back to the interest page at Sulia pays the contributor for originating the content at their site rather than twitter. The result is that the twitter experience is completely broken. As a follower of a key contributor you can no longer consume the typical twitter stream - you have to click through to sulia to see the full message content. This hijacking of the twitter experience may have resulted in a lot of page views to sulia but my guess is that there is very little engagement with sulia through direct navigation. They've pissed off a lot of users and are yet another company that has built on twitter's API... very shaky ground. It will be interesting to see how the service evolves into an independently valuable service.

2 years, 7 months ago on With 10 Million Visitors in 10 Months, Sulia Raises $1.5 Million for Interest-Based News Aggregation