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Anything that used to be private or personal is now considered available for public consumption.  The explosion of the  "Net,  social  media,   instant messaging ,  cell phones, etc  has allowed  people to post anything without

any thought  or consideration.   Private matters are no longer considered private.  Anything you say or do can be sent online as a  Facebook post,  Tweet,   cell phone camera photo,   post to blogs,   instant message,   or  any means people use to communicate with.   This is the new reality.  Get used to it.  Its  not going away.

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Who cares what the 'Twitter' reaction was?These people have a phone attached to their ear all day long playing video games while barely glancing at their TV screens on their way from the couch to the fridge to get more beer. All this inane banter over the announcers or pregame shows is just that......inane. Didn't one network try broadcasting a game w/ no sound and no announcers ????  How did that idea work out for that network ? All these football people have been sitting around the pool or playing golf all summer and need a few weeks of live TV to find their back from the

a world of drinking Mai-Tai's  and listening to Access Hollywood waiting for the season to start.

2 years, 6 months ago on Fox's college football studio show is a work in progress