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“The purpose of the Second Amendment suggests that the word “arms” should be interpreted rather broadly to include a range of military and self defense weapons,” Natelson explained.


The range is infinite as "...shall not be infringed," implies. The writers intent was that the feds would have absolutely no control over the range of weaponry available to the Citizen or their acquisition or the method of acquisition, including the U.S. mail.


Our original Constitution was written under English Common Law in which habeas corpus, due process, freedom of the press, religion, the jury etc was already established as untouchable. Our Constitution created a new form of government under the principle that if an act or measure wasn't allowed in it, then it could not be written into law. The writers knew that it was impossible to list everything they did not want the new government to be empowered to do. The Constitution was then written to limit the powers of the new government to specific powers enumerated in the document.  Unfortunately those pressuring for the Bill of Rights did not heed the advice that, the inclusion of those rights guaranteed in the ten amendments to the Constitution would then, de facto, imply that the rights could be interpreted by the government to establish the extent of those rights. The government by being denied the power to violate those rights had to establish what those rights were so as to not violate them. To do this the Supreme Court declared itself the final arbiter in legal arguments as to what the Bill of Rights included. And now we have had the Supreme Court, in several decisions, tell us what the Second Amendment's limitations are.


Perhaps it is time to amend the Constitution and return to the states the power to review and determine whether any and all acts or measures, past or present, of the federal government, i.e. the Congress, President and the Supreme Court are constitutional. The Supreme Court has been the instrument through which the intent of the writers of the Constitution has been willfully subverted by the appointment of ideologically corrupt Justices. 

1 year, 10 months ago on Missouri Bill Proposes Jail Time for Feds Violating the 2nd Amendment


I'd like to see the Missouri law enacted here in Michigan but unfortunately we have a Democrat named Snyder posing as a Republican governor and he is just enough of a rat to veto nullification legislation.


2 years, 1 month ago on Missouri Bill Proposes Jail Time for Feds Violating the 2nd Amendment


So long as the Scalia interpretation in Heller stands, all your arguing and rationalizing about a pre-existing right is fruitless. If my local or federal government decided tomorrow to confiscate every gun I own who would stand up for me? Scalia's interpretation is a mile wide and deepening. It allows any government to regulate or confiscate my guns. If the government can decide on what constitutes a dangerous firearm what legal precedent do I have to refuse to surrender my guns? Absolutely none!


Two things keeps the BATFE and politicians at bay. The first is the threat that the politicians won't be re-elected if they vote for gun control. The second is that the BATFE cowards are afraid that one gun owner will stand up to them and defend his rights with his life. It happened at Waco but the government was able to demonize the Branch Davidians as a right wing bunch of, wacko, religious zealots who believed in polygamy and sex with female children, effectively stymieing sympathy for the cause of the Davidians and any armed resistance elsewhere.


69 women and children were murdered at the Branch Davidian Compound and not a single cowardly federal agent from the FBI or the BATFE were prosecuted---NONE---and Janet Reno took responsibility for the raid--BFD. She didn't even get a nasty note from her boss Bill Clinton. "They murdered 96 people in front of our eyes on national TV, and the public bought it." The FBI and BATFE razed the site, not allowing state officials to inspect the site. They had to destroy the evidence that would have gotten them tried for murder.


The only successful armed resistance to government authority in recent memory occurred at Athens, TN in 1946. It seems that some ex GIs borrowed M1s and Thompson's from the NG armory and laid siege to the jail to get stolen ballot boxes back for an honest vote count. No body was arrested.


If you really want stymy the gun control freaks Schumer, Levin, Feinstein, et al., remind their constituency  that these vermin champion the 1968 Gun Control Act which was written by Senator Thomas J. Dodd (D-CT) using the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938  as a blueprint, taking some sections nearly verbatim from the translation provided to him by the Library of Congress using the copy he acquired while a US prosecuting attorney of the Nazis at the Nuremburg  war-crimes trials in 1946 Dodd was the author of the act and its chief sponsor.

2 years, 5 months ago on Dangerous Dicta