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I think it is time for a change, Clint way of managing is killing this team. Two games in a row he pulls his starter when they only give up two runs. I would like to see a consistant line up everyday instead of this mix and match line ups. I have noticed that the past two months the players have given up on his style of management and have been going through the motions. Im confused you are a contending team and at the trading deadline you dump one of the best bullpen guys, release the other and trade a proven power bat and consistent defensive player.

Neal needs to go instead of trading for talent to get this team over the hump he goes out gets a pitcher who is coming to the end of a decent career, a young player who has not been in the majors long enough to make an impact, a cast off from miami who didnt hit over 250. I love starling marte and think Gerrit Cole will be a good pitcher down the road but to pass up a proven talent like Upton was a mistake.

2 years, 7 months ago on Game 146: Pirates 3 Cubs 0 | August 2012


Clint Hurdle and the Pirates organization makes me sick, kids watch games and look up to the players. Im sick to see this team and management throw game after game. Clint has to be the worst manager I have ever seen. He wont play small ball to try to score runs when he has runners on second with no outs, but will try a squeeze with one out and the chance to take the lead. I myself feel betrayed and all the fans who have paid alot of money to go watch the games should feel the same when this organization used them to make thier money and know they tell the team to throw games to help the big market teams get to the playoffs. 19 years of losing and finally fans have someting to cheer about and the chance to get above 500 and this is how we are repayed for our loyal support.

2 years, 7 months ago on Game 141 Precap: F*ck you, Pirates | August 2012