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In both the UT and MU cases, these were coaches at the three year mark. At this point you are either going up or down. Haith at Mizz was clearly on a downward trend from his first season. Add in the NCAA issues where he is lucky to still be coaching at all, and he is lucky he has a job. He knew that there was a good chance that he would be fired next year if he stayed. Martin at UT was on an overall upward trend over his first three years. However 80% of the scoring on the team is gone. He will have a young roster of his recruits. He had a half million dollar raise and two year extention on the table that he walked away from. Yes the new contract only had a $1million buyout, so it would be easy to dismiss him next year IF he flopped in his fourth year with a team of his recruits. This reflected the confidence that the administration and fans had in him going forward based on his work the first three years that he would be able to continue the upward trend. Both coaches left while the getting is good. It is easier to get a job while employed than when you are not.  If Martin was not confident that he could produce next year with his recruits, then why did he leave?

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@warrenp @HoustonVol Martin got three years. He actually had a two year extension and pay raise on the table, however with a minimal buyout. Martin had marginal success in Knoxville in the weakest SEC in memory. With a rebuilding team next year, and tepid support from admin and fans, he chose to take another job instead of staying and possible being fired next year. It is easier to get a job when you have one than when you are unemployed.

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I see this and the UT change that the fan bases, with the money involved, are expecting better results. With three years under their belts and next year being rebuilding they are jumping while they can before they are fired next year.

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Most coaches and programs have a line drawn between violent and non-violent acts. The non-violent acts usually are given the chance to redeem themselves and it is easier to give them a second/third chance at another program. There is little downside, which I will express in a minute. However with a violent act, regardless if charges were filed, if you take that person into your program and school, you open yourself up to a whole new level of legal issues. Examples. Player A steals a person credit card and makes purchases and is booted from a program. Two years later another program takes that player on and he/she commits the same act, the likelihood of the program/school being sued for major amounts of money is low. However if Player B is booted from the program due to a violent crime/act and that player comes to the new school and commits another act of violence, it is not unrealistic for that new program to be sued for large amounts of money. With the money that these programs are generating, that increases the chances of a major lawsuit. Do you think LSU, UF, OSU or any other major program wants to risk bringing on DGB and having him physically assualt anyone and having that person bring a multi million dollar lawsuit? The larger the money pie grows in college sports, the less likely that the AD will sign off on bringing an athlete on board with a violent past.

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This Martin/TN mess is bad. I liked Martin and felt he was doing a great job rebuilding the program. To many Pearl fans refused to take off the blinders to realize that Pearl did not leave much behind. Plus the cloud of the NCAA hampered Martin's recruiting the first year+ because he did not know how many scholarships to offer. I have been a UT basketball fan my entire life. However we have always thought we were Kentucky in basketball, and accept nothing less. I could understand wanting to aspire to be as good as Kentucky in basketball, but to think the two programs were toe to toe on the national level is ridiculous. That is how many Vol fans think. We should be able to attract recruits and coaches like Kentucky. We are not Kentucky. It would take 50 years of winning to have UT viewed on a national level as Kentucky. The potential is there, more than at Florida, to have a national title winning program. However we have to support the program. In the end, it would not surprise me if Martin packs up and leaves. We will know tomorrow. Considering waiting a day will save Marquette 1.3 million dollars, there is no reason to rush the deal. As for all of the no public announcement by Hart regarding BB, Public press means nothing. What matters is what has been communicated directly between Martin and Hart. We have seen to many AD's make public statements, just to bury the coach a week or two later.

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I said during the season to vol fans calling for Martin's job that if they really want a new coach next year, they better hope that Martin makes the NCAA and makes a run and someone hires him away from us. A third 19/20 win season, under the issues that he has coached under, would not justify UT firing him. Now that the vocal section of the Vol fan base can no longer hook up with a certain ex-coach (whom I have never favored brining back), they are starting to appreciate the job that Martin is doing. I know that a lot of fans, including myself, were frustrated with this team February with the close loses to teams we had no business losing. We knew this team had the talent to challenge any team in the nation, something no one doubts now. I hope that Martin stays, and stays for a long time in Knoxville. However it would not surprise me if he exits stage right for a fan base that does not pine over an ex coach and can appreciate him.

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I can see the connection that is trying to be made with the conspiracy theories, but cannot really swallow that pill on this one. Conflict of interest, maybe. Would Didion be so quick to support Bama hiring Pearl as Auburn? It is easier to forgive when you can reap the rewards of whom is being forgiven.

I don't think that Didion brought the hammer down on Pearl in hopes of being able to back track to Auburn and then support hiring him three years later. First, it would have been assuming that Barbee, who was hired at the same time when the hammer was being brought down on Pearl was going to be fired in three years. Two it would have assumed that a larger program with deeper BB pockets and better facilities would not be willing to hire Pearl. There are just to many ifs to justify a X file show dedicated to the topic. You have to keep in mind that until the Miami case was so famously screwed up, the NCAA was trying to hammer anything that stepped out of bounds. Since that moment, the NCAA has gone from the 300 warrior to an old man with no teeth unable to chew corn on the cob.

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Well I will be the first to say I did not believe that Pearl would jump at the first opprotunity that raised its head. I think this also shows that TN either told Pearl that there was not going to be a change this year in Knoxville and Martin will be back or that there was no way that TN would hire him again. It will be interesting to see how successful Pearl will be at Auburn. Fellow coaches will have a lot of bullets to fire against him regarding recruiting.

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I will be surprised it Pearl takes a position this year anywhere. The whole having to explain/justify the hire to the NCAA is a huge issue with AD's. Most AD's will not stick their necks out on a hire, sticking your neck out and having Pearl pull up and leave in two years or worse - issues with the NCAA and the AD would be out of a job. So an AD would only do that if it was a big enough position where Pearl is likely to stick around a couple of years. Auburn and Ole Miss are not that type of job. Plus - I doubt Pearl would want to risk starting either job with limitations like no recruiting until August or some other handcuff by the NCAA. Unless a situation comes up like Boston College or TN, I don't see Pearl getting back into coaching this off season.

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