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Carson Palmer is not the QB for the Raiders. He has been mediocre his entire career and that's not going to change now. Carson is a front-runner, that is, as long as his team is playing with a lead he will do OK, but if you need him to bring your team back, he can't do it.. He made the mistake in the red zone and let the time expire. yes he had a decent game but he's not a leader, he's not a winner .. a QB is supposed to be a team leader and if guys are dropping passes he has to do what most good QB's do, get in their face and tell them to step up .. like Tom Brady does all the time .. I have been a Raider fan for over 30 years, born in Oakland and lived there until 1991 .. so please don't question my loyalty as others have, but I call it like I see it ... Carson will not take the Raiders past the 1st round of the playoffs, if that ...

2 years, 5 months ago on Week 1, Raiders fall to Chargers 22-14 | September