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"comparatively little interest in the Jets."

This is why local ratings are a stupid thing to track. 300,000 people watched the Saints in New Orleans. 848,000 people in New York watched the Jets. In fact, an 11 rating for New York is larger than the entire New Orleans market. 

Context is important, but per usual, this site doesn't go the extra mile. 

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Why not just tweet out the link to the Mashable article instead of just repeating it & trying to squeeze out some page views. Weak stuff. 

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This a HUGE year for CBS Sports Network. Probably their best slate of games ever by adding a bunch of AAC games. They also have some really nice non-con games early, teams like Ohio St, Washington and Nebraska in the first couple of weeks.

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At least it's not a bar across the top, which I always hated.

My favorite is how ESPN & NBC does it, with the score on the bottom. Opens up the most amount of screen for football.

Of all these Fox ones though, I think I liked the first one the best. Simple and transparent. 

I have never understood the need to have the box say who has the's's pretty easy to figure out who has the ball.

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You can dress up the pig however you want, its still a pig. They should cut down on the number of people. Klatt as host, Feldman as the insider and Wannstedt as the coach. Clay Travis & Mandel are brutal hacks.

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"Cowherd actually has a point that there is a larger culture at play here within any type of racing."

And where do you think the racing culture originated? It wasn't in the wasn't in the West....

Of all the stupid things Cowherd has said over the years, this is not one of them. 

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I need to revisit this post ( but NBCSN deserves a ton of credit for building up its "smaller" properties like the Premier League, Formula 1 & IndyCar. All 3 have hit multi-year highs or set records in the past year.

What I like most about NBCSN is that they are NOT trying to be ESPN. FS1 is trying to do too much, with its Fox Sports Live & America's Pregame, in trying to cover everything.

NBCSN's approach of focusing on their properties (like the NHL) is really paying off. 

I think the best example is the new Big East, which Fox really did nothing to boost except showing a ton of crappy games. 

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Jesus Christ, do you guys realize First Take exists solely because of sites like this? You just give them free publicity day after day after day.


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How are the words "World Cup" not used once in this article? Especially when Argentina was playing on Sunday night with the best player in the world? The finish of the US Open hasn't had competition from the World Cup (or anything really) in 20 years. It happens.

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This is the biggest World Cup ever because of timing. By having this happen in the first game, I cannot even imagine the ratings for Sunday vs. Portugal:

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I predicted the Network would fail the moment it was announced:

"While the Network has been a success so far..."

In what world is it a success? It's been losing money hand over first.

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"When Cowherd goes on these rants and picks fights with athletes and local media, it’s exactly the kind of behavior that hurts the ESPN brand."

Cowherd has zero impact on the ESPN brand. If anything, articles like this just help the ESPN Radio brand as the go-to source of sports talk & opinion.

So great job giving this moron some more free publicity.  DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS!!!!!

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"There’s a lot of sucky things about Twitter" 

Deitsch is on the top of the list. What a douche. He's the troll who trolls trolls.

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As a UConn fan, I will probably watch the national telecast anyway, regardless of the announcers. It's a good idea in theory but part of the fun of the Final Four, or any big game, is watching your team covered by the national A-team.

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@ShawnDiIorio  What the heck does that mean? You either pay a cable company for TV or for Internet & entertainment. 

Paying the WWE is the same as paying Dish, it's just a different corporate fat cat. As if Netflix isn't a big corporation just like Comcast is. Give me a break. Cut the cord if you want, but don't act like you're giving to the needy or something.

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How does it clearly fall on Dish?? The WWE Network exists to take money away from Dish. Dish has to sell the PPVs at $60-$80, while the WWE are selling them at $9.99 per month.

Dish wants to be able to sell the PPVs are a lower cost, but the WWE won't let them so they can keep all the profits themselves. So in response, Dish has told them to go away.

You can blame both sides, but really, it's the WWE's fault. They are the ones hoarding the PPV market, not Dish.

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Damn dude, just tell me what to watch. Sooooo many unnecessary words. 

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Johnny Weir was the star of the Olympics for NBC:

Terrance, Johnny & Tara need to call every figure skating event for the rest of time.

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The Pac-12 is in its own worst enemy here. The ratings for the late-night games have been huge because there's no competition. Ridiculous that they're complaining about 730pm local starts - give me a break. They're the only conference that complains like this and they need the exposure the most. I also don't get their aversion to Fox Sports 1 - it would be in their best long-term interest to help beef up that network. Instead, they whine & complain and keep a top 15 matchup like Stanford/UCLA from the channel.

I wrote about this in October. If the Pac-12 wants anyone to blame for the East Coast bias, it should be in the mirror:

7 months, 2 weeks ago on Pac 12 wants better TV times for games, earlier bedtimes


You missed the TRUE brilliance: CBS was beating the NFL Network every Thursday night. They eliminated the competition! Why do you think CBS is paying only $250 million for 8 games, when ESPN pays that for 2 games? The package was made specifically for CBS to increase Thursday night ratings -- that package will eventually migrate to broadcast while the NFL Network will focus on another night (hello Tuesday!)
The whole conspiracy theory is here:

7 months, 3 weeks ago on NFL has its cake and eats it too with billion dollar revenue push


Fox had WAY more incentive to get people to watch New Girl than Fox Sports Live. I don't even think Menifee mentioned it as they were signing off, though there was a graphic on the screen.
I'm pretty Fox doesn't care about that number. They got the biggest audience for a scripted show in 6 years with New Girl.
Not everything has to do with cable sports guys...

7 months, 3 weeks ago on Few people made the trip to Fox Sports 1 after the Super Bowl


Yikes, talk about missing the forest for the trees.

If the NFL wanted a real minor league, they could blow college football out of the water tomorrow. They don't because they have a minor league in college football that does it all at $0 cost for them.

7 months, 3 weeks ago on Why College Sports Prevail Over Minor Leagues: Brands Matter


The other 3 possibilities (SF/Denver/Cowboys) are guaranteed ratings on any Sunday. The opener doesn't need that much juice...and Aaron Rodgers/GB is more than enough star power. 

SF will start at home anyway for the new stadium.

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@PrimeNY711 He has been wearing gloves all year

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Aikman was brutal. He's become the SNL version of Dan Fouts, as he just states the obvious. "Pete Carroll has to be awfully happy," was his insight going into halftime. Everyone else was fine, but Aikman stood out for being terrible.

7 months, 4 weeks ago on Super Bowl XLVIII broadcast grades


At this point, it's worth asking the management of 1090 AM THE MIGHTY why exactly they endorse..."

The fact there is an article about 1090 AM THE MIGHTY on this site is probably why. They should send you a Thank You for the free pub. 


8 months ago on Dan Sileo has been hired by a San Diego sports talk station


@ChrisNH I like that he said he never wrote anything for page views, and then wrote a 2,000-word apology for page views.

8 months ago on Why the narrative on Grantland's Dr. V story shifted, and what lessons that can teach us


I don't know why anyone thought it was a good piece in the first place. Writers just like when writers overwrite stuff these days. It was a hack piece.

"I wish I had immediately recognized the pain many felt about outing the subject in the piece"

How hard was it to figure out that someone committing suicide is not a good thing? Deitsch is a moron. 

8 months ago on Why the narrative on Grantland's Dr. V story shifted, and what lessons that can teach us

Dude, did you read any of the articles about this? The NFL wants the games on BROADCAST television. There was never a chance of it going to NBCSN or FS1. Not a missed opportunity when it was never possible. Even Turner is highly unlikely:
"Turner is considered a long shot since the NFL is looking to expand the Thursday night games onto a broadcast network."

8 months, 1 week ago on Losing out on NFL is a huge missed opportunity for NBCSN & FS1


As a UConn/Big East fan, I wrote about their smear campaign in 2012 when they were killing the conference. Still my most-read piece:  

This is going to be a bigger problem since they know control the playoff, especially if the Big Ten leaves for Fox. Very troubling.

But here's my question - what Big Ten school in their right mind would leave that conference & the BTN cash cow for the ACC? So very, very strange.

8 months, 2 weeks ago on Did ESPN try to help recruit Big Ten schools to the ACC?


Have you ever interviewed for a job?

I got a new job in September. I had been interviewing since July. When anyone at my current job asked if I was thinking about leaving, I would say, "Nope."

What he did is no different than what everyone else in the world does.

8 months, 2 weeks ago on Charlie Strong Was Talking With Texas Before Louisville’s Season Was Over


I wrote about this in September and nothing has changed. They have nothing people want to watch and have JV talent. The only thing the have is UFC and college football, and the latter has gone away for 9 months.

8 months, 3 weeks ago on It may be time for Fox Sports 1 to panic over this number


And none of that covers what is probably his most replayed call - "Sickest Man in America"

9 months, 4 weeks ago on Verne Lundquist has a new co-favorite event of all-time


The Big Bang Theory is over before the NFL starts.

The Voice on Thursday is a repeat.

FS1 drew 1.77 million for Oregon/Washington.

"which usually maxes out at around two million viewers" That's just plain wrong. Only 1 game has done UNDER 2 million on Thursday night. South Carolina on opening night did 3.6 million. 

Does no one at this site have access to Google anymore? The quality across the board has fallen off a cliff in the last month.

I used to complain when all this site did was link to other articles, but at least that's better than factually incorrect drivel. 

10 months, 3 weeks ago on Will something finally beat the NFL on Thursday?


How is NFL Redzone a great moment for the NFL Network? And who ever considered them "dominant" during the lockout??

These aren't even moments. You basically just listed every event or show they have.

Moments are things like the 2007 game between the Packers & Cowboys. Or the Pats going for 16-0 w/ a simulcast on broadcast tv. Or the Saints/Cowboys game on a Saturday night.

I just did that off of my head in 5 seconds. Do you guys even try on this site anymore? Or have you thrown in the towel on effort and just creating linkbait??

10 months, 3 weeks ago on The 8 Biggest Moments in the 10 year history of NFL Network


Cal Ripken was brutal as an analyst. No need for him there. 3-man booths in baseball are terrible and it took away from Darling, who is the best. Most of what Ripken said was just agreeing with Darling. Totally pointless.

The crowd shots are the worst. 

10 months, 4 weeks ago on The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the 2013 MLB Playoffs on TV


It becomes more and more pointless to compare ratings (for anything) to past years. The fact is, the game beat everything else on TV last night and crushed anything else Fox airs, save for the NFL & American Idol. 

2 weeks ago, the ALCS crushed NASCAR's playoffs. Last week, it crushed Clemson/Florida State & all other college football. Baseball is fine.

11 months, 1 week ago on World Series Game 1 overnight rating disappoints thanks to blowout


The only thing more insufferable is 200-word link bait blog posts about how insufferable the coverage will be.

Dammit I clicked on it!!!

11 months, 1 week ago on This year's World Series promises to be the most insufferable ever


How are they first?? Aren't they just doing what everyone else started to do the past couple of years??

If anything, NOT being opened made Macy's stand out and that was something to run on.

Those few hours on Thanksgiving are not (and should not) define a quarter for a company. If it does, then Macy's has been doing it all wrong anyway. 

You need to dominate, period. Not dominate a few hours on a Holiday night that other companies have already staked out. Focus on what you do well and own that.

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I wrote last year that the NFL should move the package to Tuesday Nights. And I still believe that. The Thursday night thing aint working.

Here's my piece on it:

11 months, 2 weeks ago on There could be more Thursday Night Football on the horizon


"Sometimes, I wonder how certain columns get published."

Probably because they know sites like these will link to it. Mission accomplished. Page views.

11 months, 2 weeks ago on Phil Mushnick wrote the most offensive sports column in the history of Earth


The segment with Goodell avoiding answers in Congress was incredible...I forgot that happened. It got nowhere near the publicity of the MLB players doing the same about steroids, probably because it was players and not a figurehead.

But the look on Goodell's face when the league is compared to Big Tobacco is priceless.

And for me, one of the powerful moments came toward the end when one of the reporters (forget which one) shares how the NFL has backed off of admitting any correlation between football & concussions. That part was scary to me - as if they think with the settlement and new rules, that they're in the clear.

11 months, 3 weeks ago on The 9 most powerful moments from "League of Denial"


The obsession with ESPN not covering the NHL is mind-boggling. Who cares? 

NBCSN is almost literally nonstop hockey coverage. If you want to watch hockey coverage, CHANGE THE CHANNEL!

12 months ago on Did Fox Sports Live really show more hockey than SportsCenter?


"the two would not recreate the magic of the original SportsNation"

When did this revisionist history start with that show? THAT SHOW SUCKED. There was no magic between her and Colin. It was a bad show. No one watched. PTI is magic. SportsNation is not.

Beadle is the same as Erin Andrews (cheap plug:

They are both where they are due to people finding them attractive.

For Erin Andrews, all men find her attractive, so she gets a big role on Fox.

For Michelle Beadle, only sports bloggers find her attractive, so she gets canned from a show that drew 30k viewers.

The only thing more annoying than the bloggers' love affair with Beadle is my inability to stop clicking on these links that anger me! arrrgggghhhh

1 year ago on The Crossover was doomed from the start