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Where can I find a Santa like that with a better ending though?

I've been alone for far too long... 

1 year, 4 months ago on ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and I Was Still Single


I find it absolutely amazing that you have 7 kids & are able to contend with all that beautifulness all while dealing with your own life health card of MS. Keep fighting to stay healthy and keep your head up for all your beautiful littles and husband! You can do it!!

1 year, 7 months ago on A Love Storm for… Tobi


I never really had the 'various aspects of adult relationships' talk with my parents, more so my mom than dad since we weren't close, but I've never really been sold on a committed life long relationship that was sexless & never involved living together. I mean, really how can one commit themselves to another for a lifetime if they don't know if they're compatible in any areas besides tastes in music, movies, food, political affiliation etc. It just seems silly to buy the cow before you've sampled the milk so to speak, it could be spoiled & rancid for all you know! In other words, I'm all for sex before marriage if you're in a committed monogamous relationship & of course living together is a must & could actually even maybe come before or soon after engagement IMO. People need companionship, intimacy, comfort and most importantly support! Good luck & I hope all goes as well and smoothly as you both hope once you're all living together!

1 year, 8 months ago on The Next Big Step with The Farmer’s Daughter


What a hard thing I'm sure this all is for Noah & all of Chappy's loved ones to be going through. You certainly made the hard & right choice for telling Noah that there had been a serious accident. While driving around in the car these past few months or so, any time I see a motorcycle rider without their helmet I make a point to say something to whoever else is in the car about their helmet less heads. It may be more at the forefront of my thoughts these days since I did suffer a traumatic brain injury at the hands of my now ex husband almost 5 years ago & it probably subconsciously angers/irritates me that people take for granted the fact that they have all their body parts they were born with & take it for granted so much that they think nothing can happen to them! As unfortunate a thing as this all is to have happened, I'm sure it unfortunately guarantees that Noah never gets on himself or allows others to get on a motorcycle w/o a helmet or at least telling others that they should really ride with all the protective gear that is possible and available to them. Life offers good lessons at times. Unfortunately, they sometimes come at high costs- either to our selves or those we love...

Hope Chappy takes a turn for the better soon & eventually a recovery is in his future! Stay strong for Noah & your ex wife when needed! Lots of positive vibes & thoughts being sent for all of you in this hard time!

1 year, 8 months ago on Telling My Son the Bad News About His Stepdad


I honestly read all 3 pages of this post- but from within that first page I wanted to comment and wonder to someone else besides me & my dog who just ignores me while he sleeps all day, why in the world did your school subject a bunch of junior high kids to the lady giving birth video? When I was in school we didn't see that video until high school health class which was taught by the ogre of a varsity boys basketball coach.

All that being said to ask my one slightly rhetorical question, good one ya for getting there to wait for the birth & for being able to stick it out as long as you were able to after, Dan!

1 year, 9 months ago on Birth. Not for Weak Sauce Sissy Boy-Men.


I knew of what Steampunk was(totally missed that you called it Steamboat Punk or whatever when you 1st posted the picture on line btw) only because I was watching some show on TV as kinda background noise & this person was designing an outfit or something and told the judges they took inspiration from Steampunk. Seeing as how I had never heard of this strange Steamwhatever thing, I went to everyone's internet know-it-all BFF Google to find out what it was. It's not really something I've ever seen any where I've lived in my short early 30 something years and I've lived basically from one coast to the other for at least a year or so in each place so, I don't think Utah is the only place it's not popular & all the rage so to speak.

Since you guys were going out for a ride & your cousin showed up in his Steampunk get up does he ride a motorcycle like you shared in pictures or does he not take it that far when first introducing someone to Steampunk or at all?

1 year, 9 months ago on How Google Sucked Me In This Week – Steampunk!


@SueCraneBryan He does have nice eyes. I didn't even notice til you said it and I had to go back up & look. I guess I just took in the face as attractive & nice looking as a whole but those nice lookin eyes are part of the whole package I suppose...

1 year, 11 months ago on Encouragement For My Brother’s Creeptastic Mustache


I know I'm a few days late to the comment party but I've got something to say anyway!

I'm not usually a fan of facial hair on men, it can be uncomfortable for us ladies faces if it's on someone's face we enjoy spending intimate time with {if ya know what I'm saying ;) } but the handlebar 'stache works well for your brother. He looks good with it. He should keep it cause I don't usually like facial hair on men but seeing him with his that look doesn't bother me. I know you guys don't know me from Adam but take my suggestion & comments in my comment to heart & he should really, truly, totally and heartfully give it serious thought and consideration to keep his handlebar mustache. Plus, you just don't see men any more sporting a handlebar mustache. He had the balls to go for something outside of the 21st century norm and grow a handlebar 'stache and he should continue to stand by his decision to be a unique individual mustache grower! Keep it Keep it Keep it Keep it Keep it Keep it!!!  and done :)

1 year, 11 months ago on Encouragement For My Brother’s Creeptastic Mustache


Wow, 52 pairs of dirty underwear. That's basically enough that if you really didn't care to ever see the Farmers Daughter (the FD)again you could only wear one pair a week, yes I went there, one pair of underwear for the week-no, not a day, a whole week...7 days. Seeing as how we're fairly sure you're very fond of having the FD around I don't see you using one pair for 7 days, way gross any way! Man, I thought I used to have a collection of underwear growing up. I used to try & exaggerate and say I thought I could go months w/ out washing or re wearing a pair of underwear, then I decided one boring day while cleaning & putting away laundry that I would count, I wasn't exaggerating! I don't remember the exact number but I could have gone more than a month, if not multiple months w/o washing or a repeat! Pretty sure you've got me then beat, surely me now beat in numbers of owned underwear- especially if 52 is only your dirty pairs!! See, you won the 'non prize for the winner' contest & you didn't even know there was going to be a contest today...and neither did I til I read this post. 

Do everyone a favor & try to stay more on top of your laundry than letting it go for 6 weeks at a time! ;) Have a good weekend!!

1 year, 11 months ago on It’s Time I Say the Words…


That Rachel must be one awesome lady! Glad you got your patch, even if it is 2 decades in the making!!

1 year, 11 months ago on Take That Boy Scouts!


Personally not a rider myself but my brother in law does, therefore my sister rides occasionally with him. I don't ever foresee myself owning or heck, even riding a motorcycle. Not because I think there's anything wrong with them but mostly because I've already survived serious head trauma once in my short lifetime & I think it would be selfish and potentially life ending should god forbid some sort of accident happen. Any way point I'm trying to get at; glad to hear you took & passed the course with Harley Davidson, hope you find a nice bike you enjoy you can buy, enjoy riding safely and ALWAYS remember to wear your helmet! Not every state has a law that you have to wear them, who knows why they don't? If we know they can help why not wear them any way!?! Look forward to hearing about your motorcycle adventures in the future!

1 year, 12 months ago on Just So You Know, I Am About to Die


Penguin love & a raccoon and a skunk playing catch with a pine cone. Any sort of prize being offered? ;) Lol

2 years ago on CHALLENGE: Guess Our Doodle Tattoos


I don't have a theory as to why she keeps popping up other than due to the 91 mutual friends Facebook assumes you MUST know her. Have you tried asking around with any of the mutual friends you 2 have to see if they can shed any light on how you know or when you may have met her? I used to do that with my best friend, pretty sure I have the memory of a highly geriatric person- no joke!


I was going to share a personal gripe in regards to Fb suggesting 'people you may know'(PyMK), I totally get the suggestion when there's multiple or a multitude of similar friends in common; what I do not understand is all the people that show up in my PyMK section that only have 1, yes ONE, mutual friend! How does one friend in common with JohnQPublic mean I know Jane or John Doe!?!? It doesn't!!! It means by chance I know 1 person that they know, that doesn't mean I know this random person Fb thinks I may know. Let me be clear, this isn't just the occasional random person that lands in the group of people- there are numerous people in the selection all the time, even after I clearly "X" them out of the pooling of PyMK. I think their codes are a bit messed up some where along the way, just my non program writing opinion of course. Good luck figuring out who the mystery woman is & how you may know her. I'm sure you'll try to keep us all posted if anything is figured out.

2 years, 2 months ago on 91 Mutual Friends


No need to respond to my comment, unless you feel compelled of course. I just wanted to share my method for reading my own previously published web writing back when I was in college & wrote fairly frequently on a online type diary thing a ma jig, Xanga, perhaps you've heard of it? Anywho, every few days or so or whenever I went on to write I'd go back & read whatever I'd wrote that day the previous year or years if there was any from years back. So maybe if you're looking to actually read go back and read past writings you might think about reading from that day in the past? Just my 2 cents of course!

2 years, 5 months ago on I Promise To Go Back and Reply To All Your Comments!


Funny you should mention having to vote for those running unopposed. It's not like there's ever an option to write in an opponent for them anyway! I was having a conversation about just this fact last night and I was informed that I could always just not vote for that person/category if I choose. I'd never thought about that before, eh oh well- perhaps next election season? I'm just glad the election has passed & Facebook statuses & comments can go back to normal and I can watch TV without campaign commercials! The important things in life, ya know?

2 years, 5 months ago on I Just Voted For 75 Judges For Some Reason


Hey there Eileen,


Erin in Ohio here. I don't have a blog & I'm certainly not a mom. Forget how I stumbled upon you a few weeks ago I think. I was just going through random posts & as soon as I saw the lyrics to the Gilmore Girls theme song I knew I had to read that entry! I absolutely adore the  Gilmore Girls!! I ended up buying each season for a super low price at a Target when I was living out in California about 5 years ago. At the time my ex was deployed, so I'd put in a disc each night at bed a watch a few episodes before I fell asleep. 2 years ago a great friend I made out in Cali ordered me the final season, haven't watched it yet though! I used to love watching GG on the weekends on the Soap Network but, after the 1st of the year our cable stopped carrying the channel :( It's on everyday on AbcFamily, but I just can't seem to get up in time to watch!


Bunheads also lured me in as soon as I saw previews for it heard Amy was involved with. Watched every single episode! Sometimes, it was hard not to pictures the daughter in law as possibly being played by Lauren Graham as well! I'm not sure if it's coming back for season 2 but, I'd be lying if I said I probably wouldn't watch it again!


For a last comment, Bronwyn is such a unique original name for your daughter! Before I found your blog I'd only heard the name on Foodnetwork. One of the women who competes in the cake decorating competitions is named Bronwyn, Bronwyn Weber  actual. Hope all is going well with you and yours as we're going into the fall months!


Take care!Erin in Ohio

2 years, 7 months ago on Where You Lead…