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Auburn made a great run in 2010, Chizik did a good job putting that all together. Changing from the spread to a Pro style offense is also the right thing to do. Players like Tebow and Newton come along once in a blue moon. The fans need to understand changing from the spread means changing personnel and that takes time, I am not a fan of Auburn's but it will be 2-4 years to make that transition. Malzahn is a great coach but only in the spread, he would have a hard time consistently winning in the SEC with his style. The fact is Auburn will be lucky to make a bowl game this year or next. I do think it is worth the trouble to switch the offense, and Kiehl Frazier is not a pro style QB, He will not do well this season If I were him I would transfer to Ark. St. to be with Malzahn, Frazier grew up in High school playing in the spread and will be lucky to keep his job the rest of the season. I wish Auburn nothing but luck and the fans patience they will need it. I hope they give Chizik enough time to make the transition. I doubt the average fans will understand just how much if a uphill battler it is to change styles, the knowledgeable fans will get it but the average fan will be screaming for Chizik to go this time next year. I think if Petrino is available after next year enough time would have passed and they would consider him and more than likely will make it work. It's a world that is used to instant gratification in the internet age so less than  4 years will have passed after the end of next season since a BCS title and Chizik will probably get fired if his transition is not paying dividends in the form of a bowl next year. I doubt it will hapen that fast too, so we will know soon enough how fast you can go from a crystal football to being in the the unemployment line. 

2 years, 7 months ago on The Auburn Conundrum: How Much Heat Should Chizik Feel?