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Love the concept, Danny. I'm game.

One of the biggest payoff from this challenge (like all other challenges) is to continue on the path beyond the 7 day period. I'd love all of us to stay set on this course - for life - making course corrections that we think might work for us.

4 years, 6 months ago on The 7 Day Blog Challenge


Ever since the dawn of civilization, humans seems to be hard wired into accepting rather than asking Danny. That's one trait we have not been able to shake off for generations together.

Prehistoric man used to accept natural phenomena as a dialog with super natural forces - and we are no different in not asking that pretty girl/handsome guy out. It's as if, the fear of rejection is one of the greatest fears we've ever had.

There's an old story - when a ship sails forth in the seas, it accumulates layers of salt that make it heavy. The only place where the salts can come free is when it's anchored close to the shores. Does that mean that the ship never sails? No - it just means that the ship comes back to get rid of the excess weight at regular intervals.

So too, we need to take the time out to learn the skills needed for assertive communication. To learn the fine art of asking, and getting over the acceptance syndrome. Being assertive comes naturally to some of us, but for most, it is a learned skill that needs to be high up on the life-list priority. Shame, our education systems too teach us to accept - rather than ask.

4 years, 6 months ago on The Only Way to Know is to Ask


@Danny Brown Yes - but that doesn't qualify me to get into either of those categories :)

4 years, 6 months ago on Sayers and Doers


It isn't all black and white - just shades of gray in between. There are days when I am a doer - and others when I'm a sayer. And then - there are also days when I just get back into my shell :)

To me - it's what calculus taught me during my school days. As long as the curve, the trend is swinging in favor of the doer side of the equation, all is well!

4 years, 6 months ago on Sayers and Doers


A great story, Danny - one that succinctly captures the triumphs and failures of all that is flesh and blood.

No only is Mark an inspiration for all of us - the larger cause he's promoting is worth a million applauds.

Love the idea of promo cards - we should also convert these into a formatted PDF document that the international readers can download, print and use outside of mainland US.

Thanks - not only for promoting this cause - but also for bringing it up to us.

4 years, 6 months ago on Making Homelessness Visible Through Social Media


Premium customer support is not optional, Danny - it's mandatory. I wrote about it on Social Media Notebook a while ago -

Bottomline is - one of the key differentiators is customer support. All things equal, I'll always go in for a product that offers better support options. Better still, I might even trade away a few features and settle in a for a product with less bell and whistles if I am going to get a red carpet treatment everytime I need help.

It seems so easy on paper, and yet premium customer service - one that really makes a difference falls in less than 1% of the bucket.

It's great to hear the Livefyre, Headway and SceneStealers stories here - I'd say these are classic case studies that can make their way into a B-school curriculum :)

4 years, 6 months ago on Why Service Wins Every Time


This is a classic example of how businesses tend to be hypocritical.

I agree with your point of view, if Facebook is really concerned about moral policing, then the rules need to apply consistently to everyone.

Worse still, the Toronto Public Health ad is an excellent execution of an otherwise mundane and/or taboo concept - and could be potentially very effective. I see similar ads coming my way in other print media every day of the week, and via television too.

Just makes me wonder - the larger a business gets, the smaller their perspectives. I have heard horror stories about almost every big name - Google, Yahoo, eBay and Amazon included.

And the smaller ones tend to be bending backwards to keep their customers happy. More importantly, they have a human side which is far more effective than a business veil that cannot be penetrated.

4 years, 6 months ago on Facebook Loves Porn, Hates Health Advice


@Danny Brown @AskAaronLee Agree with you here, Danny.

Content moderation is an essential function of any company getting into the business of user generated content.

The filters are always in place - so I would assume either Facebook does not know how to write effective filters, or is turning a blind eye to the content that is being flagged by the filters ;)

4 years, 6 months ago on Facebook Loves Porn, Hates Health Advice


@Danny Brown Round 1, when everyone was blindfolded was a disaster.

Round 2, when the team had limited handicaps was chaos - pretty much reminiscent of the modern day workplaces.

And round 3, when everyone was firing on all cylinders, was an ideal place to be - and we could actually fire the manager :)

4 years, 6 months ago on There's More To Competence Than Training


You're bang on, Leon.

Businesses, workplaces and people that make them up think that training and competence are the same thing. They aren't.

Not every one who holds a driving license makes a good driver when it comes to that split second decision that can save lives.

A while ago, I was attending a training program. One of the exercises we did as a group was to form teams of 4, one person role-playing a manager. We then got the remaining three team members to put together a jigsaw puzzle with varying degrees of handicaps. In round one, everyone was blindfolded. In round two, one team member could see, but could not use his hands. And in round three, everyone could see. The only caveat was that in all the three rounds, only the manager knew the "big picture" that would be formed when the jigsaw was complete.

What an eye-opening exercise that was - and one that I am totally able to relate to in light of your post.

Thanks, Danny for hosting Leon over!

4 years, 6 months ago on There's More To Competence Than Training