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 @tayottt1  @Jared Dubin How you feeling about them Knicks Jared?!?!? Looking pretty good with that "Veteran Experience" eh? 

2 years, 5 months ago on SWAGMOSIS: The Value Of Vets, Knicks & Nets And So Much More


@JADubin5 I originally posted this to HP but I deleted the post because of some grammatical mistakes:


Here's the funny thing Jared. Kidd's WP48 still was over .200. That is to say...he still produced well on a per minute basis. He only shot 40% from 2-pt range but that doesn't matter because he barely took any two pointers. Rather he shot a solid 35%+ from three and took a lot of those. As such, he was actually AVG in terms of TS% for a guard. On the Knicks he isn't expected to do much but find passing lanes and play serviceable defense. Last time I checked, he is still an above average passer and an above average thief. In addition, he doesn't foul much and STILL rebounds more than the average PG. Don't get me wrong.... he isn't the GOD he used to be. But as a bench option? pretty damn good. Your turnover statement is outright FALSE. He turned the ball over 3.2 times per 48 minutes compared to Lin's 6.4 per 48 minutes. I'm not sure where your info is coming from.. As for the Dirk's a little strange to me considering Dirk had one of the worst seasons of his career last I'm not really sure whether the argument holds. I'd rather have Kidd than virtually any other back up PG in the league (Watson? Robinson? Dooling? Harris?).


Me picking the Knicks as a top four pick seems pretty provocative but it isn't if you take a moment to examine their team. Last year, their performance was a perfect storm of some of the worst possible situations (Amare/Melo injuries and career lows in addition to lack of any bench depth behind Chandler or Lin). In the regular season, the value of the bench is Much higher than it is in the post season. A team's 6th 7th and 8th man mean more during the course of a long season and the Knicks are solid up until their tenth man. We saw Chicago overcome Rose/Hamilton injuries due to the strong bench mob they built (btw Brewer was one of those guys). It's not too strange to presume that the Knicks with a better starting unit (I'm assuming gains for Melo coming off the Olympics and an average year for Amare/Felton) and a significantly better bench should place in the top four. Again, it can't be stressed enough...the Knicks can suffer any injury this season with relative ease. Let's examine the teams you put ahead of the Knicks: Indiana- Fair enough, nothing is impeding them from being a top four team


Boston: Much has been said about how good their offseason has been but I think the hype is a bit much. Terry isn't an improvement over Ray Allen and while Sullinger should be good eventually ...probably not anytime soon (that goes quadruple for Fab Melo). Jeff Green was a terrible re-signing and they lost a solid big in Stiemsma. The Celtics are a Rondo or Garnett injury away from definitely missing the top four.


Chicago: NO! No model projects them to be a top four team. They blew up their great bench, filled up with mediocre if not bad players (Nate Robinson? Hinrich?), and still won't have Rose till mid-season. They should still make the playoffs...but top four seems like a reach.


Philly: Interesting. This is just plain interesting... I can't definitively say they won't make the top four. It's plausible, but they need to figure some things out (Dorell Wright, Spencer Hawes, Thad Young, Nick Young, Richardson, and Lavoy Allen). Depending on minute distribution and the growth of Evan Turner, they could be top four within the next three years (obviously if Bynum gets injured they won't make the top four).


Nets: Better playoff team than regular season. Their starting unit is pretty solid but their bench is suspect. Brooks, Telotovic (dunno how to spell), Watson, and Evans aren't that great of a back up unit. There are also a lot of synergy questions even within the starting line up. Will Lopez return to form (specifically his rookie season form)? Will Deron Williams return to elite status? Will Brooks improve? How will spacing work? More questions than I would like. Thus, I don't bet on them.


I give the Knicks a B because I'm nice and because people forget they made some great moves. I'm not really sure why you dislike Novak, he was one of the most efficient three point shooters last season and posted an insane 68 TS%. Paying a slight premium for a premium scorer? Why not?129 O rating and .180 WS/48. I'll gladly take that for a paltry 4m (Landry Fields makes more).


Lemme make a separate point. The Knicks definitely went ALL IN. But in the grand scheme, it doesn't matter. They will be competitive for the next three or so years and people will perceive the Knicks like they used to perceive Denver. A solid team with good depth and good talent. The difference is: They are in NY. That kind of perception in a market like NY is extremely advantageous in terms of signing FA's in three/four years time (for w/e reason Knicks are better at FA acquisition than Trades). Most likely Melo will be resigned at a cheaper rate (maybe Chandler too), Amare will be excised, and the team will be geared for another (probably better) reboot. The Knicks/Lakers will always be appealing to FA's BUT they get really appealing when they win 48+ games a year. The Nets are following a simlar model. Next time they want a Lebron or a Kenneth Faried (I'm assuming he will be superstar in 4 years) or Harden they just might get him.

2 years, 7 months ago on SWAGMOSIS: The Value Of Vets, Knicks & Nets And So Much More


This was a pretty amusing article but I think you used the WRONG example of a mediocre player that gets credit for being a veteran leadership guy.


Jason Kidd (believe it or not) was GOOD last season. Ofc, he has no upside but he is a very solid back up at this point in his career. Signing him with the rationale that they would retain Lin was a smart front office move. Unfortunately...they acquired Felton instead of a guy like Bayless who would've been a GOOD and probably cheap add. I do however think there is some rationale to the Felton acquisition too. Amare is coming off just about the worst season of his career (one season after one of the better seasons of his career....there was even MVP talk). Perhaps they thought Felton could revive him.... It's a dumb move and it's dumb logic...but this is Dolan we are talking about. As far as Camby/Thomas go. Both of them were really good last season (Camby had the highest rebound rate in the league) and should outperform their relatively cheap contracts. 


The Knicks as currently composed have one of the best benches in the league bar NONE. Few teams are as deep at every position. This is important because of the injury issues they had last year and the need to remain solid. I actually think all-in-all the Knicks did Ok this offseason. A solid B. Losing Lin was foolish and getting Felton was foolish BUT every other acquisition was nice. JR Smith for pennies...Ronnie Brewer for air....great decisions relative to their production. Regardless of the noise, they've gotten better. The main issue is their inflexibility. However, because of their depth they will likely be a top 4 team in East for the next couple years while still being a premier destination.


What irritates me is the rationale that any move a team makes that doesn't put them in championship contention is a bad move. It makes no sense to me. I'd rather be the Mavericks than the Pistions. Give me a solid 10 years of 50 win seasons than one championship and 6 years of being crap.  

2 years, 7 months ago on SWAGMOSIS: The Value Of Vets, Knicks & Nets And So Much More