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As a startup inspired by Pinterest's "tiled" design we can say that shifting to a more "visual browse" has greatly increased our user engagement and Time On Site.  Additionally, we have been testing a new Facebook Polling app for Fan Pages, also Pinterest inspired, and the amount of engagement we are seeing on that Facebook app trumps anything we have previously witnessed in the  social polling/survey space.




Perhaps Trippy is right- You just need 2/10 of the content to be relevant to keep your users interested and when that data is visual it's easy for the user to find their magic 2.


Erin- Here's the aforementioned Pinterest Inspired Facebook Polling app if you want to add us to the list of folks who owe Pinterest a few rounds of drinks.










2 years, 7 months ago on The Great Pinterestification: How Pinterest’s Design Legacy Might Trump the Company Itself