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Hahahahahahahah  where you guys got this info? This is only an old sample (2012) that will not be released. For any post you wanna make about Patta Collabs or anything about us just call us up and verify the news we will be really happy to give you all the infos you need first hand

Kind Regards

Max Patta

11 months ago on A First Look at the Patta x Saucony Shadow 5000


excuse me but how I make the customers try them??????

1 year, 10 months ago on Nike Air Packaging Concept


jay 50 swizz rozey and now alicia keys? have you ever asked yourself why NONE of that crap got any kind value during years but ATMOS ALIFE PATTA SOLEBOX did............... stick to what you do best ........we NEVER tried to Sing and there is a reason why...................

2 years, 7 months ago on Alicia Keys on Her Reebok Classics Collection