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You don't need soda to stay hydrated! Everywhere you can get a drink, you can get a complementary water cup. If you're lucky, and it's happened to me on multiple occasions, the employee will "accidentally" give you Sprite. 

1 year, 10 months ago on Social post: What’s your favorite tip for saving money while planning your Orlando vacation or visiting the parks?


Last time we were there we left the park and ate at Margaritaville, when we returned to the park after the rain had slowed down and eventually stopped, the park had pretty much cleared and wait time were low. All of the rides had returned to normal operation with very little wait times. I suggest leaving the park and grabbing a bite to eat indoors at City Walk when it rains!

1 year, 10 months ago on Social post: What’s your best tip for enjoying the parks in the rain?


1.) New Port Richey, Florida. 2.) Upcoming Sneakers 3.) More creative WDYWT pics give some love to us guys that don't have as much heat as the others!

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