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Written like only someone who's spent the endless hours creating, and bringing something into the world that didn't exist before.

This arm-chair-quarterbacking goes for tech+entrepreneurship too. If you're a woman - and god forbid you have kids and are past the age of 30, without a Harvard or stanford pedigree - the quarter-backing gets to a cacophony of unreasonable & sometimes hilarious proportions. 

Onward and upward, 


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Since I preach living an active lifestyle - no matter WHAT you do or who you are - I usually do a quick glance for "must attend to" emails at 5:30 am and then get a training or outdoor play session in; on the trainer (bicycle), in the pool, the gym or a run.

If that doesn't happen early, I find myself getting antsy the rest of the day as I power through my biggest "to do's" -- by noon, if i have 2 training sessions for the day, I'm starting to worry about how i'll fit them in.

I'm also pretty worthless in the evening, but without my outdoor or training play sessions, I feel less creative, less powerful and less confident. The outdoor play time not only stokes my business's fire (I tend to keep a small notebad for bike rides and swim sessions so I can write my ideas down), but keeps me smack in the middle of my target audience; smart, creative and healthy folks who are finding time to play outside even as they run busy professional/personal lives.

And i'm always coming away with THEIR ideas on how my business can better serve them.



2 years, 7 months ago on How Successful People Spend the First Hour of their Day


This is spot on.  What's disappointing is that brands 'don't get it'.  It seems somewhat elementary to say, but isn't this common sense? Bloggers=journalists (esp in this example) Brand Ambassadors = not journalists. 

Having a clear set of intentions/expectations for those who willingly represent your brand (bloggers or otherwise) is a clear path to more productive relations; between the brand and the ambassador/or blogger and the larger audience. 

This communication breakdown, and the assumptions that underlie it, are the kind of thing that is making 'social relations' in the online world for brands so challenging [for them]. 

A lot of this is built on the same principles espoused by neuroscience, behavioral economics and simple social/situational awareness and relationship-building.

Seems those principles aren't common sensical to everyone.

Thanks for great post.


Onward and upward, always.

TanyaFounder, GOTRIbal


2 years, 7 months ago on Samsung Threatens Bloggers and Provides a Valuable Lesson