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Agree entirely with this blog. I often tell prospects and clients that: "We are business people first."


Our agency was started 20 years ago based entirely on the premise of the value of integrated communications. People generally shorthand us as a PR firm, which doesn't really bother me as long as we get to define what that means for us and our clients. We're basically driven by creating value by out-communicating our clients' competition, with the purpose of easing the selling process, providing margin support and fostering stronger sales growth.


In other words, we get our business objectives, then develop a strategy to achieve them. The advantage of integration is that you have many tools to select from which improves both efficiency and effectiveness.


I can't comment on the overall value of an MBA to the economy, but I know for certain it has been enormously valuable to me, our agency and our clients.

2 years, 7 months ago on Self-Hating PR Pros and the Change in Industry