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 @prohoopshistory  One thing you touched on that I always felt was odd was anyone thinking Mikan was a "stiff". George Mikan was not the first big man in basketball, nor was he the only one during his time period. What he was, was the first modern day center. His main rival in college was a seven foot Bob Kurkland. During the early 1950's there were plenty of 6'10 centers in the NBA, and many more 6'9 centers.(It's important to keep in mind that these 6'10 guys would be listed at 6'11 or even 7 feet today, as well as the 6'9 guys being 6'10 or 6'11 today, since the NBA allows players to be listed in shoes and exaggerates height). The reason they didn't do the things Mikan did though was BECAUSE of his nimbleness and ability to easily move around the court despite his height. So it's very odd to me that he'd be described as a "stiff" when his whole claim to fame was breaking that mold.


You also mentioned dunking not happening often even though it was possible.


Jim Pollard is also said to be the first guy to dunk from the free throw line. It was just a different mentally back then like you said. Kind of how Robertson didn't want to dunk....but if he wanted too he could've made some sick posters.


To make up for the lack of 50's dunks at least enjoy this video of Elgin posterizing Russell :)


As far as the podcast goes, I thought it was great. I've been looking for one focused on NBA history for a while but never found one. It was getting to the point where I almost started my own, but see you beat me to the punch. I'll keep on listening for sure. The quality sounded fine to me and the content was great.

2 years, 6 months ago on The ProHoopsHistory Podcast: the Lost MVPs