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He's also on pace for more assists than in any other season in his career, which might indicate that his role has changed on this year's version of the team than in previous years, when he was relied on to be more of a pure goal scorer.

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Reply do they do it? 

We can all agree that having an owner with no cash sucks, but he doesn't have the cash. You can't spend what's not there.

He's not going to sell the club now that he's just come through a lockout and negotiating a new TV deal. All of his operational money is yet to be made, and his investment only stands to gain more underlying value. So let's assume the owner isn't going anywhere, and that he won't have any money in the short term.

We could rebuild, except, again, there's that no cash problem. Melnyk can't handle the next 3-5 years at the bottom of the league in a market where ticket sales fluctuate wildly based on the performance of the team. Senators tickets are already relatively cheap compared to other markets (especially compared to other Canadian markets) and they're not exactly selling out every game now.

So no cash to spend to contention. No cash to rebuild. That leaves us with what the team is doing now...try to squeeze value out of what you have, draft smart, and preach hard work. It's not inspiring, but I just don't see what the solution is. 

And what can we fans do? We can gripe about how there's no money, turning Twitter and the blog space into a black hole of cynicism (I had to quit Twitter on July 1st because of how hysterical people were being over not signing Benoit F'n Pouliot), or we can, you know...try to enjoy hockey a little. It doesn't mean burying our heads in the sand. It just means acknowledging that financial situations are often more complex than wishing for more money.

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Jesus....all I can say is thank you for transcribing that rambling, contradictory mess of an interview. My brain hurts just trying to follow his logic, so I can't imagine actually trying to type it out. Great work, guys.

I too am looking forward to picking up Melnyk's book, entitled "You know, when you look at it...we don't need...I mean, sometimes we can''s all about the fans."

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So weird to write an entire post about how annoying you find most fans and media - ie, the people who would read this blog - to be.

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Gotta like any program that has a lustrous history as opposed to an illustrious history.

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Why does every 6th Sens article starts with an admission that you think Sens fans are sort of the worst? Especially since you follow with completely legit analysis of the numbers. If you just dropped that first part, you'd have a much less obnoxious read. That you're willing to do the analysis is all the validation you need, but so consistently setting up your perspective against the stupidity of the masses and the media is sort of dickish. I'm saying this as a fan of the site, btw.

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