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 @indio007  @LisaFisk Then who gave Lincoln the power to make green backs or was it Rothschilds printing it all along?

2 years, 7 months ago on There's Much More than just the <i>Federalist Papers</i>


 @truelitistnot  @Monorprise And then like in  reality the Bully wants revenge and joins the police force to exact revenge Like in clock work orange where the criminals realize being the police affords them the legitimate cover which being a thug does not afford.

2 years, 7 months ago on Land of the Free? Absolutely Not.


Imagine The Swiss who created there government in our image along with the dutch system as a representative republic and the rule of Law as the sovereign. Who is the sovereign in America? answer the constitution is. Actually all 3 power structures the federal, state and people deciding in unity are the sovereign in present tense. IE the tenth amendment is the key in silence to who is sovereign each holding sovereignty in there own sphere or jurisdiction. How do we amend the law of the land well it takes all 3 sovereign jurisdictions to do so. The Swiss citizens have what is known as direct democracy effectively nullifying laws which they dislike. There philosophic concept is if we believe we have a Representative that they were chosen because we decided they were a lot like us, Now that they are in they can do as they please. Well we the people will have the final say.


This is what America really needs to coral the run away corruption of all 3 federal branches corroborating on donating all 3 sovereign powers to a NON national governance organization Namely the UN. The States need to remind the Fed a treaty may be the law of the land except when it attempts to remove the constitution it self which grants the fed the power to treaty. In essence William Marbery VS James Madison clearly backs my concepts as well as the article 6 nullity clause. and its the People who must remind the states that its our will which trumps the will of the  federal government.


2 years, 7 months ago on A Republican Form of Government: Citizen Lawmaking