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Besides being the dumbest sounding or just plain anything I've just about ever seen, the guy who made this obviously doesn't know football well enough to know that thru the first four seasons of Percy Harvin's career he has over 7,100 all purpose yards. Terry Metcalf is the only player in NFL history to amass more during his first four seasons.

And c'mon PJD, enough picks to fill the ark??? Three picks?!?!?! That would be one & half animals dumby, haha. Holding the 25th draft pick of the first round, the Seahawks would have been hard-pressed to pick someone capable of stepping in as a starter. Especially, a dynamic playmaker that can line up anywhere.

2 years ago on Video: Seattle Fan Creates Animated Video Reacting to Harvin Trade


the only beastmode is marshawn lynch beastmode u douche. real beastmode creates earthquakes

2 years, 6 months ago on Top 5 Injury Questions for the 2012 NFL Season