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Email will live as a distribution method of content until A) facebook allows users to have greater control of their feed. For instance, when I like a page, to my knowledge there is no way of assuring that every post from that page will appear in my top news feed. B) twitter becomes a lot less noisy and I don't have to worry about desired posts getting lost in the mess.


In my current user experience, email is the only method were I can guarantee I will see a post. Some blogs I can live with missing a post or two-- so I follow or like. Other blogs, I stress over missing a word so prefer these blogs make it to my inbox because that's the only guaranteed way I know i'll see it.


However, these are blogs that typically post once a day, if that. The only way I'd give my email to a publication that produces a much higher frequency of content is if I was certain they wouldn't take advantage of their access and slaughter my inbox. I wouldn't tolerate more than one email a day and would prefer it be a roundup of top stories that received the most attention. 

2 years, 6 months ago on On Monday I thought email was dead. On Monday I was an idiot