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I appreciate your outsider's opinion, it's what makes your site so great, IMO.  But it's your "yellow journalism" BS opinion that comes out when you write BS with headlines like "Got Stupid? A&M taunts"... that you want us to overlook... aint happenin, you call out the idiots in here when they act like idiots.  Take your medicine and quit crawfish, own it.  All the trash you talked in that article isn't worth repeat here, I sure hope you don't treat all southerners with the same garbage manners you referred to in that overly premature opinion your hiding behind.


You got something negative to report about my alma mater, know yourself out, I appreciate the good with the bad.  But you write a buncha premature BS and false accusations about TAMU, be prepared to have a few negative responses yourself.  Dish it and take it, but never crawfish when your words are memorialized to the contrary.


Gig 'em Aggies


2 years, 7 months ago on A&M Billboard Comes Down In Gainesville; Aggie Fans React; But Who Was Behind It?


 @John at MrSEC 

Question is, how will you report on it... you've already reported on it with a bunch of misleading premature accusations, singled out the entire student body with your headline "Got Stupid? A&M taunts...", laid claim that you thought Mo and TAMU should have their butts kicked, suggested that southern manners were not taught in Mo or Texas,  stated that A&M and the Tigers should be trying to make friends instead of trash talking, and implied that such trash talking that you summarized in your headline "Got Stupid? A&M taunts..." that A&M was " childish and stupid.   Now John, you ranted all of this without EVER knowing who put up the billboard, so we can only wait to hear your "trash" talk once their identity is actually revealed.  You stated you didn't like the term yellow journalism when Aggies started calling your out, well pard, put a little gumshoe effort into your journalism and quit hiding behind the "opinion" card.  Aggies aint upset at you for negative reporting, we're upset at your bullS*** reporting.


John, do you ever go back and read what you write?  Your crawfish is so bad that I think you convince yourself you wrote something entirely different.


Gig 'em Agges 


2 years, 7 months ago on Got Stupid? A&M Taunts UF With Billboard In Gainesville


@John at MrSEC@Jamesgoss@AginFM

To be exact, what you said was:


"Got Stupid? A&M taunts..."


"Apparently they just don’t teach Southern manners in the Show-Me and Lone Star states". 


"Also, MU and A&M folks should know that you don’t earn respect from SEC fans by talking or posting billboards.  You gain respect by winning games".


"...I’m now hoping both Mizzou and A&M — two schools I’ve repeatedly said will make fine additions to the league — get their fannies kicked".


"Why the need for trash talk with people you’ve never played?  So childish.  So stupid".


"...everyone associated with those schools should be trying to make friends, not enemies".


Sure sounds like you condemned all Aggies.  I have not seen an ounce of fact supporting your above quotes that the Aggies have done any trash talking.  TAMU officially stated the university had no part of this billboard nonsense. Forgive me if my southern roots take offense to your name calling, "Got Stupid? TAMU tans", but you sure seem to be pointing your finger prematurely.  That my friend is unfounded trash talk.  


What if the billboard said at the bottom, "Thank you, Mr. SEC".  Don't believe everything you read, especially when it's trash that originates from trash.


2 years, 7 months ago on Got Stupid? A&M Taunts UF With Billboard In Gainesville


"Got Stupid? A&M is taunting..."  Really?  Isn't this a little premature?    What if it's not A&M, or any person or alum associated with TAMU?  Who's got Stupid then?


I sure have been appreciative of this site since I found it just prior to TAMU joining the SEC.  I told many a friend about it and claimed it as the best site on the net for SEC news, even felt obliged to to post similar opinion and thanks on a few blogs in here.  But the tone in here sure seems to have changed since John started "calling out" his critics.  And I must say that this billboard issue has not been reflected well herein.  I take offense that because some misguided idiot put that billboard up, John has claimed that southern manners are not taught in the Lone Star state and the title of his initial post clearly suggest that "A&M is taunting".  I know your wrong on your the southern part, and hope like hell your wrong on the second.  But if you want to prematurely convict and Aggie for this non-sense and hope that TAMU get's their fannies kicked, your prerogative.   But I personally think you jumped the gun given what we know, or don't know, and as I read through your subsequent post, you seem to be "crawfishn".  Basically, I equate your initial response to the same kind of trash talk you say your against, it's all garbage.  I don't mind your opinions, that's what attracts me to your site, but you your initial comments in part on this billboard issue were premature and in poor form - in my opinion of course.


This old Ag does agree with one thing for sure, whoever is behind this nonsense, hang-'em high, it's just not good bull.

2 years, 7 months ago on Got Stupid? A&M Taunts UF With Billboard In Gainesville