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The potential gains are incalculable. Would any Senator hasve proposed the NDAA, let alone vote for it, if their State could unceremoniously yank them back home and fire them with a vote of their legislature?


The 17th Amendment was needed to concentrate political power in the parties (what our founders called Factions, and warned us against)


The federal Reserve would not exist, Neither would we have had the New Deal, the Great Society, Revenue Sharing or ObamaCare.


The Sovietization of America is only possible because the States have no Representation in Washington, but are forced to stand in line with other Lobbyists to gain attention.  Direct Representation was served by the creation of the House of Representatives, and State Representation established with the creation of the Senate.


There is no more worthy fight than the one to restore the States as the political force which DELEGATES power to the federal government. All of our current ills stem from the 17th amendment, and can be cured by its repeal.

2 years, 7 months ago on On Repealing the 17th Amendment Part II: Dissent