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If 8 had known that you cannot move your apps. To SD card in which I bought a 32G sd class 10 card I would have waited until sprint got a phone that could do it wow what a waste of money shame on you Samsung.

2 years, 2 months ago on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 apps on SD card desired


Laurent Robinson was in a the system that would allow for a number 3 to do well in it; its not the WR. here any WR. would do well in this system so long as he don't drop the passes thrown to him sorry all but this is the truth; so don't get too excited when he goes down and the next WR. come in and do as well as the 2 before him if not better sorry but this 3 WR. position gets a lot of single coverage

2 years, 7 months ago on Kevin Ogletree shows he can replace Laurent Robinson | National Football Post


This is just plain old stupid; are they even looking at the history of tall guys returning back punts; not a good thing they are making him a big target for other teams we already have enough troubles in our WR's department, then the SP teams coach does this and Garrett is ok with this; now I am starting to question the Head coaches intelligence.  Is this coach on the smart side or the dumb side of things; like for example putting the freeze on your own kicker; when will this dumb stuff stop?  Oh that's right when Jerry finish getting rid of all those left over losers that only look good on paper but never look good in the wins department.  Sorry boys it's all true all true.


2 years, 7 months ago on Report: Dez Bryant could return punts in opener | National Football Post