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"Why They’re Ranked Here: Pinkel said forget the rankings. That might work in the Big 12. This isn’t the Big 12". 


Well no it did not work very well in the Big 12 either.  Pinkel has not won a division or a conference championship.  Many of those victory  came against lesser Big 12 opponents. Some fans point to the good NFL players that come out of the program and that is true, but theses are individuals, but as a team they have not done that well when ranked against quality competition.  He has done many good thing for the program, but he has not shown me that he is going to survive the transition.  I did not expect them to challenge the SEC elite teams, but it looks like they may struggle against the bottom half of the conference as well.  I think Pinel is on the clock and well have two years to make some noise and at least not be a bottom dweller team. The university is dropping some serious money to bring it up to SEC standards if the team does not win we will be looking at attendance around 45,000 and that won't cut it.

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 To paraphrase Dennis Green, The SEC are who we thought they were. No one in my circle of friends thought this would be ease.  We all knew this was," big boy football" and we were at a disadvantage in talent depth to compete on a weekly bases. Mizzou has played in big games before but not week in and week out.  Although as fans we did not have a say in joining the SEC most of us looked forward to it and are glad to be a part of the conference.  As I told you last Summer we were not going to set the conference on fire.  We would have to take our lumps but hopefully in time we can get up to speed. 

2 years, 6 months ago on What Mizzou And A&M Are Learning Out About The SEC


 @John at MrSEC 


Thanks for responding to my comments

Well we can both agree on trash talk.  I am old school and I don't like trash talk either.   I don't like it on BB, on the field, are in the media.


 John I don't care who you pull for that was not the issue.   I was just referring to a remark you made about pulling for UGA and hope MU gets there butt kicked, because of that one remark by one player. 


I don't recall referring to you as having special powers over the outcome of the game.  You are just one guy with one opinion.


In- any -event its all good.  I like your board and you are doing a great job with it.  

Looking forward to future exchanges 



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John, I can't believe the SEC and you are  so thin skinned that remark upset them that much. On guy popping off has sent you into a tizzy and BTW when were you ever pulling for MIZZOU over the bull Dogs? I would have preferred he kept his mouth shut and let his play do the talking but come on really?

2 years, 7 months ago on Got Stupid? A&M Taunts UF With Billboard In Gainesville


 @MissouriAlum  As the famous Georgian, Louis Gizzard once said, "DAM brother!,  I don't believe I would have told that". He does not speak for the team, the University ,are the State of MO. He is young and I am sure does not know the that much of George's rich history of football, but he will learn,  I just hope not the hard way like most lessons of youth. I  do think we are going to surprise some of our new SEC brethren but his mouth is getting way ahead of his talent. Lets wait until the game is played and see where you stand.

2 years, 7 months ago on Mizzou's Richardson Takes Some Shots At UGA And Their "Old Man" Style Of Play