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why would are they doing this the Aqua 8s and grape 5s better release before these hideous things better they should just burn the whole rainbow pack idea stop it!!!!! thank you damn these is too hurt never usually comment on these blogs but damn! first its the spizikes,than the fusions, than the 8.0 wtf is this shit not cool man bring back the Original Colorways thank you!!!!!!!J's they need to bring backAqua 8sTour 4sBred 13sFlu Game 12s

Grape 5s

Carmine 6sLaney 5sHare 7sBlack/Chambry 7sTaxi 12swhy not release all these instead of having new color ways.....if it ain't broke don't change it  

2 years, 7 months ago on Air Jordan XIII “Rainbow Pack”