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 @TimUpham Of course you are correct, Mr. Upham.  If you will please reread what I said, I was quoting the "hope for the best" from the article presenting the problem, and it was said in sarcasm and disbelief, which is not a good arguing tool, but nevertheless, I was showing my disdain for that type of thinking.  I wasn't comparing the complexities or lack of same between the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic Ocean.  I said, to reword it, that we've seen what having their way with loose agreements and carelessness, or being unprepared has done here. I cannot speak for what appears to be your region.  I didn't by any means compare the two bodies of water and their complexities.  I simply referred to how oil companies DON'T perform well, when left to their own policing.  I appreciate your more intimate knowledge of the seas, and thank you for your clarification of the farther-reaching damages that can be suffered in the Arctic waters.  I apologize for our body of water not meeting your high standards and stand duly trounced.  Thank you.  My intention was not to raise the ire of a scientist (or maybe you're not), but to offer a letter of support and ask a few questions about why this is being allowed to happen AT ALL, but especially without the requirements being met.  How can they be allowed to go ahead on schedule without meeting these requirements??? It was my understanding that they would be allowed to begin on time, and they were doing so without having on hand the emergency equipment specified.  Personally, I wish they'd have to shut it down for good.  But, it seems we have no say in that.  As far as the King crab fishermen having to go for another job, they are not familiar to me from "The Deadliest Catch," but through friends who have worked in Alaska fisheries and on the vessels monitoring the catches, to pay off student loans for their Marine Biology degrees, several seasons in sequence.  But, that was a nice touch for those who are not familiar.  If we didn't have tragedies like hurricanes and BP down here, there might be more complex systems to deal with.  It's warm water and fosters a whole different impact problem.  Great SCUBA diving near Florida or around Cancun, however.  But I'm getting carried away with my response to what I read when I first opened my e-mail.   I will say in defense of our waters, the treachery quotient is somewhat friendlier in the Gulf, if there is such a thing.  I love the Gulf and am terrified of diving in the Pacific, and will not ever risk the Arctic.  My loss, you might say, but I own it.  I prefer to watch National Geographic and do the armchair diving in icy waters from home.  I also have know a few commercial NDT divers as I worked for Oceaneering in the office here, and many of those experts were diving Aberdeen SCOTLAND, and such waters.  Thanks for your response. No offense intended.  If you wish to further educate me, I would be pleased to hear from you.  But please don't mistake my intention.  This isn't mental exercise for me, but voicing my good old American opinion, and asking "why?"  And, again, WHY ARE THEY BEING ISSUED THAT PERMIT WITHOUT THEIR BARGE READY AND ON HAND???  I have well-intentioned concern and wish to add my voice  to the throng of objectors to drilling and other activities of a damaging nature, and especially without proper gear.  Be well.

2 years, 4 months ago on Department of Interior to Shell Oil: Let’s Hope For The Best


I don't understand how Shell can move on this without the specified precautions and equipment for cleanup.  It doesn't matter why they don't have them on hand, they just plain haven't met the terms of their agreement and should not be allowed to "hope for the best."  We see what negligence and non-compliance does, right here in the Gulf of Mexico, with BP.  Now there's another "hope for the best" if I ever saw one.  If I didn't have what was required to build my house on a lot, or to pay for my groceries or gasoline at the pump, you can bet your arse that I would not see one toothpick on the lot, one egg in my basket, a drop of gasoline in my tank, or my sweet arse getting my way.  Why can't Americans have a say in this?  I know that I've signed enough petitions and such that this should not have even been allowed.

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2 years, 5 months ago on Department of Interior to Shell Oil: Let’s Hope For The Best