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Matt, I understand your points, but the Georgia Tech/Michigan State game has no bearing on your argument here because at that time the horn signaled the end of a period. I definitely agree that more visual aids are better, but I think that shot clock technology today is such that the change from 1 to 0 is nearly instantaneous, taking the same time to go from 1 to 0 as those that go from .1 to 0.

I am an Asst AD at a small school in NC. Those shot clocks aren't cheap, and replacing them would put a strain on many small school budgets. We already are required to have the red lights per NCAA rules, so why not just set the scoreboard controllers to turn those on when the shot clock expires, something that is very easy to do, and costs nothing.

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I don't get why you think college shot clocks need tenths of a second. There is no difference whether a shot clock goes from 1 to 0 or from .1 to 0. The same amount of time has elapsed. Slow-mo replay slows things down at the same rate, so that isn't an argument, either. I think the better visual indicator would be to have the end of period lights on the backboards illuminate when the shot clock expires.

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It may also be a HIPPA violation to disclose Freeman's medical condition.

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If NFLST went to Google or Apple, how would bars and restaurants be able to get the games? I'm guessing an overwhelming majority of them would have to completely re-wire their buildings in order to receive their programming.

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Baby First TV was an a la carte channel on DirecTV that wasn't an adult or movie channel.

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This was posted on the DBSTalk forums Re: Pac-12 Net/Directv:


I think the PAC 12 got taken for a ride by the cable TV contracts. PAC 12 was expecting this channel to be available nation-wide on the cable companies. The cable companies are not making this available nation-wide, and instead only in the PAC 12 footprint. The cable companies appear to have paid a huge fee per subscriber. I think the PAC 12 thought that would be for all their subscribers nation-wide and thought they had a huge payout. The reality may be the pay per subscriber is only in the PAC 12 footprint. That is a huge “loss” of revenue for the PAC 12 network. PAC 12 made a huge mistake by allowing loop holes in the contracts so that the cable companies could choose NOT to show this channel in other parts of the country. That “loss” of revenue may have put the PAC 12 in a position where they can’t choose to take a lower payout from DirecTV per subscriber. They have to “make up” for the lack of subscribers and payout because of the way the cable TV contracts were negotiated. ----------- Another side of the cable contracts signed by the PAC 12 results in a huge loss of exposure as it effectively makes the PAC 12 network unavailable in many parts of the country. Even worse for the PAC 12 is they tied the online streaming to the TV contracts. That means if you subscribe to a cable company that carries the PAC 12 you can watch it online. However in areas of the country where the cable company does not choose to show the PAC 12 network it can’t be streamed either. That is a huge hit on the exposure side for the PAC 12. They can’t sell streaming in those areas to anyone because they tied the streaming to the cable TV contracts in order to get a higher payout per subscriber. They have effectively made their network unavailable to huge numbers of viewers by the way the cable contracts were negotiated.

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