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So a landlord who wants to prevent illegal sublets is a "greedy" "skeez" rather than, say, a responsible building owner protecting both the value of her property and the quiet enjoyment of her other tenants?

8 months, 2 weeks ago on Thanks to Huntbnb, people who secretly list their apartment on Airbnb have nowhere to hide


"Triple from $100M to $2.8B"?

Better check your math there.

1 year, 5 months ago on This is not a game: Why gamification is becoming a multi-billion dollar way to motivate people


Sarah, I think you've hit on something really important: whether you find your onsite service provider on NextDoor or Porch -- or Angie's List or Thumbtack -- sometimes the challenges only begin after you've scheduled an appointment. It seems that every homeowner has a tale like yours of a vendor who was slow to return calls, didn't show up when expected, or couldn't manage to collect money they were owed.

Onsite service vendors are in a tough position. Consumer expectations have never been higher, but providers of CRM and business automation have more or less ignored the category. Historically that's because vendors didn't have technology infrastructure in the field where they were doing their work. Of course the smartphone has changed all that, but vendors still generally lack apps dedicated to the specific needs of onsite business. At Breeze, we are focused on this exact problem, empowering service providers with a single mobile solution for customer communication, payments, and retention.

You note that data alone won't solve this problem, and we agree. But we believe that a deep understanding of the unique processes and problems of plumbers, locksmiths, and roofers will lead to software tools that can pull them forward into the 21st century. Until technology providers invest in helping automate this huge segment of American small business -- 8% of all companies in America are onsite service providers with fewer than 20 employees -- finding a service provider will not be the biggest challenge a homeowner faces.

1 year, 7 months ago on Can Porch use data to solve a problem created by humans?


"[W]hen Williams did the uncommon nice guy move of buying out his investors at a far more generous price than what Odeo was worth, he managed to keep investors happy and keep Twitter from starting life with a totally screwed up cap table."


Perhaps you should ask those investors how happy they were to have their Odeo shares bought back for a modest profit, rather than maintaining an ownership position in what became Twitter.

2 years, 7 months ago on Will Twitter’s Uncanny Luck Ever Run Out?