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Wow. First off, I did know about them being sold online because I saw another site mention it was happening. I've never seen it personally. Secondly, I didn't know you could give it away to others! I've always just kept what has been given to me for review/beta services because it was entrusted to me before it went live on the markets. Granted, I usually deal with email copies and delete them when I'm done just so they don't fall in the wrong hands if my cell gets stolen or whatever but I do have a print book or three sitting around the house.

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Year before last I got socks. Now, socks aren't bad. I quite like fluffy socks. The bad part was I bought them AND wrapped them myself so I would have something under the tree. Out of the 8 people there each person had about 10 things and I had one. That I had bought for myself. Only one. 

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Oh god. Now I have to try a mixture of bleach, baking soda, and cream of tartar. The "evaporates" part has me insanely curious.

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The pumpkin buttercream sounds amazing (and yummy lol).

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