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You think THAT'S bad, why would a Network Administrator in the US need to be bilingual? It is that way here in El Paso... You DO know why they require people to be bilingual don't you?...

1 year, 10 months ago on The Hispanic Guy Denied Job Because He Was Not Bilingual


Ghandi had a quite about this too, didn't he? Wish I could remember it. Anyhow, it is true, we need to start living like free men and not wait for someone to give us our Liberty back. Natural Law comes from God's mouth to our ears without someone in between. If we all could just get together on this ONE thing, instead of worrying about specific issues like gay marriage or legal marijuana, but just supporting each others right to be free, we could accomplish much. We can still try to see if our votes really do matter (which at this time, I no longer do) and vote for candidates to support our agenda, but we really need to take action for ourselves. It's definitely not for the timid, it is scarey to think you can be hurt or even killed for standing up for our rights, but to me it's not so much about ME as it is my children and their children. Live Free!

2 years, 7 months ago on The Rosa Parks Method for Liberty