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Interesting and mostly logical presentation, but I beg to differ on some important parts.

1.  I don't think abortion rights add anything to a common or natural rights argument.  If you've ever bothered to look, you'll find that use of natural and herbal medicines have included abortion results as long as women have existed on this planet.  It might very well then be thought of as a 'natural' right.  I don't agree with any form of government intrusion into this entirely personal decision and matter, nor any other, however 'reasonable' or 'right' it might seem.

2.  The modern form of gun control began in the late 1800's with town or city laws restricting weapons of visitors and places of duals.

3.  A later modern beginning of gun control began in the 30's with the infringement against machine (automatic) guns and then a short time later, restrictions on catalogue purchases done through punishing taxation and government licensing.

4.  Your argument against naval or nuclear weapons adversely infringes on the people of many of our Eastern and Western States since the seas of their coast provide access from either foreign or domestic attacks as well as many Central States with river and lake access. 

In general, I think by your concessions, you fall prey to the exact same false logic that anti-gunners utilize in their 'reasonable' arguments.


1 year, 11 months ago on The Founders and the 2nd Amendment


Well Said Michael!!  But you might add to your list of unwelcome venues, your uneducated neighbors.  You've connected with those of us that believe much as you, now how do we all connect with those around us in positive ways to do something (study and learn) that they've been taught not to do?

2 years, 7 months ago on A Message to <i>The Revolution</i>