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Despite many people's pre-conceied notions, Freelancers are being hired at every level and by every size organization. While flexible staff allow startups and small business to scale their growth, at we've seen more and more contingent staff being used by large media, technology, healthcare, non-profit and hospitality companies, that had traditionally employed large in-house staffs. The difference today is that companies have become more adept at predicting workflow, and have learned to manage business spikes with talented Freelance staff. For some these temp positions become full-time jobs, while others love the flexibility. Either way, the gold watch has become a myth. 

2 years, 4 months ago on Ask any entrepreneur: The freelance economy is a sucker’s game


Great of the best I've read on a tech startup. Love that you showed the lifecycle of the company, and the personality and experience that built the brand. So much more interesting than NastyGal got $$.

2 years, 7 months ago on The Science of Badass: How Nasty Gal Avoided Ecommerce Gimmicks and Silicon Beach to Bank $40m and a New Line