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Here's the problem, as prices go up quality is on the down. They are cutting corners on materials on every shoe!!! The Jordan line quality is dropping, while the AF1 line has hit the bottom of the barrel. It's getting crazy... Look at ADIDAS, they copy their styles from Nike as much as possible.The D. Rose is made of plastic materials and the price is to high for the quality. If they made these type of shoes in the Jordan OG days, customers would have thought Nike was crazy and trying to make Venture or K-Mart shoes.

1 year, 11 months ago on What Do You Think?: Rising Prices of Sneakers


Ben Wilson was a good friend of mine. At a very early age, Ben was able to give other kids that were around him a reason to dream. Ben wanted to be the best, but he wanted everyone around him to join in and work hard at getting better. Todd

2 years, 7 months ago on Nike Lunar Hyperdunk+ “Benji Wilson” Set by iLoveDust